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Build a Blumira Sensor on Ubuntu

Building a Blumira sensor on Ubuntu


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Blumira sensors collect logs that allow Blumira to detect threats in your environment. You can configure as many sensors as you need, but we recommend having one in each location.

After you build a sensor, you can install multiple modules on it. These modules allow you to integrate with third-party products, such as identity services, endpoint detection tools, and cloud infrastructure services. Additionally, you can enable features on a sensor by adding other modules, such as a honeypot module, which allows you to detect lateral movement attempts within a network.

This article describes how to install Ubuntu and then build and maintain a Blumira sensor.

Warning: Do not upgrade your Ubuntu server if you previously installed an earlier version and built Blumira sensors on it. Upgrading in place can cause failures. You must install new servers when old Ubuntu servers are no longer supported and deprecate the previous installations to avoid log duplication.

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Building a Blumira sensor on Ubuntu