Adding Cloud Connectors

Important: Most integrations require steps to be completed in the external application in addition to gathering credentials. Verify that you have completed all steps in each service integration’s procedures before configuring your Blumira Cloud Connector.


Configuring Blumira

To configure your integration with Blumira Cloud Connector:

  1. In the Blumira app, navigate to Settings > Cloud Connectors.
  2. Click + Add Cloud Connector.
  3. In the Available Cloud Connectors window, click the connector that you want to add.
  4. In the Add Cloud Connector window, complete the required authentication information fields.
  5. Click Connect.

You can view the configuration’s progress on the Cloud Connectors screen, under Current Status. When the configuration completes, the status changes to Online (green dot).

Note: Data will be collected from the time of configuration onward. Past logs will not be collected by the Cloud Connector.

Important: If you previously deployed a Module for an integration but now wish to leverage the cloud connector, then you must remove the related module via the Sensors page (Settings > Sensors) to avoid log duplication.