Before you begin

Determine the Blumira sensor you will use as a syslog server to collect log data. On the sensor detail screen, under Host Details, copy the IP address of your Blumira sensor to use when configuring Infoblox.

Configuring Syslog Forwarding in Infoblox

Follow the steps from Infoblox in Configuring Syslog Forwarding to begin sending logs to the Blumira Sensor.

Provide the Blumira sensor information when setting up your syslog server:

  • IP address of the Blumira sensor you will log events to
  • Port number 514

Important: When configuring Infoblox syslog for Blumira, ensure that you select individual log categories instead of sending all events. If you send all events, the integration will provide limited visibility into your Infoblox logs because an additional header will be added that will impact how the logs are parsed.

Additional Syslog Server Help

Using a Syslog Server with Infoblox