Integrating Infoblox With Blumira

Infoblox prevents users from accessing any known malicious websites to protect against phishing and ransomware. It does this by filtering domain name server (DNS) requests, keeping a record of all malicious websites.

Blumira’s integration with Infoblox allows you to retrieve event data from Infoblox directly to your Blumira sensor. Now you can start centralizing logs and leveraging Blumira’s security insight to detect and respond to threats.

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Infoblox Log Collection

This document is for shipping Infoblox syslogs to the Blumira sensor, and sending it to Blumira for further security monitoring and incident detection.

Forwarding to Sensor

This document talks through forwarding Syslog from a device running Infoblox to the Blumira Sensor: https://docs.infoblox.com/display/NAG7/Configuring+Syslog+Forwarding

When configuring Infoblox syslog for Blumira make sure that you select the individual log categories. If you select the “Send all events” option an addition header will be added that will impact how the logs are parsed and the integration will provide limited visibility into your Infoblox logs..

Additional Syslog Server Help

Using a Syslog Server with Infoblox – Doc