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CVE-2023-5129: A Critical libwebp Vulnerability

CVE-2023-5129: A Critical libwebp Vulnerability

A significant bypass vulnerability, CVE-2023-2283, has been identified in the libssh library. Learn about what this means and how to mitigate it.

Security Reports

Get automated security reports with Blumira's Report Builder and Scheduler, as part of Blumira’s detection and response platform.

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Cloud Security

Blumira's cloud security monitoring solution can help detect and prevent threats across your organization's cloud infrastructure and applications.

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Security Playbooks

With Blumira’s playbooks, responding and remediating risks in your environment is easier than ever, and doesn’t require security expertise.

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Automated Cloud SIEM

Blumira’s cloud SIEM is easy, effective & built for SMBs to detect & respond to threats. Blumira’s SIEM is part of a complete XDR platform. Sign up free today!

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