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Understanding The FTC Safeguards Rule Deadline Extension

Understanding The FTC Safeguards Rule Deadline Extension

The FTC has extended the deadline for certain requirements of the Safeguard Rule. Here's how to interpret those changes.

Security Reports

Get automated security reports with Blumira's Report Builder and Scheduler, as part of Blumira’s detection and response platform.

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Cloud Security

Blumira's cloud security monitoring solution can help detect and prevent threats across your organization's cloud infrastructure and applications.

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Security Playbooks

With Blumira’s playbooks, responding and remediating risks in your environment is easier than ever, and doesn’t require security expertise.

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Cloud SIEM

A modern cloud SIEM can provide faster threat detection and response, plus easy deployment in hours, not months. Automate security operations without a SOC.

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Automated Threat Response

Don't have time or the team to investigate every alert? Blumira helps you respond and remediate threats quickly, with security playbooks and automated blocklists.

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Automated Threat Detection

Blumira provides advanced automated threat detection with automatic log parsing, prioritized alerts, context-rich data, and correlated threat analysis.

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