Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: SOC 2 for Third-Party Security

Join our panel of compliance and security experts from ByteChek & Duo Security for a conversation on SOC 2 and how to easily automate your assessments.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Improving Your Security Posture Based on Incident Response Experience

Join Ben Harel, CISO at Entara and Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira for tips on how to improve your organization's security posture.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Top Remote Work Exploits

Join Megan Orlando, Sr. Pentester at NetWorks Group and Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira for an overview of the top remote work exploit trends seen in the past year through penetration tests.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: How to Assess Your Detection & Response Capabilities

Join Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira, and Jacob Julian, Solutions Engineer at Blumira, to learn about the critical areas of threat detection and response to help assess your current security coverage.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Splunk vs. Blumira

Join Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira and Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira to get a comparison of Splunk vs. Blumira, based on real deployment experiences.

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series: Security Monitoring for ICS

Join Clint Bodungen, CEO of ThreatGEN and Pascal Ackerman, Managing Director of Threat Services at ThreatGEN for a discussion on industrial control system cybersecurity.