Replace Your SIEM With Automated Detection & Response

No Security Team Required:

Deploy a SIEM in Hours, Not Months.


Advanced Threat Detection

Prioritize Your Security Findings

Spend less time putting out fires and more on strategic goals. Our fine-tuned rules reduce false-positives, providing only the most important alerts. Reduce your overall attack surface by detecting lateral movement with Blumira’s honeypots.

Automated Threat Remediation

Immediately Block Threats

No more manual investigation or remediation - Blumira’s end-to-end platform gives you one-click configuration rules to quickly block active security threats.

Actionable Playbooks

Analysis + Response: All-in-One

Easily respond and remediate security threats with Blumira’s guided steps, customized for each type of detection. Get our security analysts’ expertise without hiring a full team of your own.

Reporting & Compliance

Track Detections Over Time

Better understand your security findings with Blumira’s pre-populated dashboards and reports to help with investigation and inform your security strategy. Help meet key regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS, FFIEC and HIPAA.

Easy Deployment & Integration

Simplify Log Collection

Get the most value out of your existing security and IT stack by integrating with Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform. Blumira parses logs from firewalls, endpoint protection, cloud infrastructure, identity and many other providers - all through an easy-to-setup sensor.

Customer Stories

What our customers are saying

Blumira provides expertise in understanding alerts, with additional context and viewpoints. With a limited staff, it’s important that someone has my back – Blumira’s team has a real commitment to its customers.

Kevin Hayes

CISO, Merit Network

With Blumira, I have been able to relax and trust that the security needs have been taken care of.

Elph Morgan

IT Director

There's a level of skillset we needed to properly manage and secure our environment that we couldn't fill with our internal team - good security engineers are very expensive.

Michael Cross

CIO, Greenleaf Hospitality

Getting started with Blumira was very simple…It was done within a couple of hours, so [it was a] really light load on me.

Todd Tetzlaff

Systems Architect