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Simplified Cloud Detection & Response

NEW: AWS Security Monitoring

Blumira’s AWS integration monitors GuardDuty, CloudTrail, CloudWatch and VPC Flow Logs for malicious activity to help you protect your cloud environment. As part of the Amazon Partner Network, Blumira’s solution has been reviewed to meet the highest industry standards.

Fast, Easy to Deploy & Use

Deploy a SIEM 5x faster than the average provider. Blumira's cloud security platform comes pre-tuned to provide correlated threat analyses, playbooks for response and contextual alerts for ease of investigation.

Responsive Support & Reporting

Blumira is designed for teams of any size, without security expertise. Reach out to our responsive security team when you need more help. Dig deeper into our automated, scheduled reports when you need more information.

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Protect Your Cloud & On-Prem Stack

Blumira provides comprehensive, hybrid cloud security monitoring and reporting for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to detect and respond to cloud security threats quickly and effectively. Our platform integrates broadly to provide cloud infrastructure, identity and access management, cloud collaboration and endpoint security monitoring and response.

What's New At Blumira

Blumira Expands Its Cloud Security Coverage With AWS Security Monitoring

Webinar: Preventing The Next Colonial Pipeline: Incident Response For OT Environments

Matthew Warner, CTO of Blumira, and Pascal Ackerman, Managing Director of Threat Services at ThreatGEN, discuss incident response for OT environments.

Livestream: Switching to Blumira: An Affordable AlienVault Alternative

Join Blumira customer Christopher Ross, CISO at Clover Health and Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer at Blumira, as they go through tips on finding alternatives to your failing security monitoring project, based on real experiences with vendors.