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Streamline Security Operations

Faster Time to Security

Deploy a SIEM in hours, not months. Blumira's cloud SIEM provides out-of-the-box security detections for immediate security value, with new rules added weekly to keep up with evolving threats.

Prioritized Alerts

Reduce the noise for more effective security workflows. Blumira’s automated threat detection and response platform is configured to send prioritized, critical alerts to your team.

Ease of Use

Blumira is designed for teams of any size, without security expertise. We provide easy-to-understand threat analyses paired with playbooks for threat response, gathering relevant data for ease of investigation.

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We Support Your Existing Technology

It’s easy to integrate, centralize logs and realize security value in a matter of hours. Blumira parses your logs to ease the burden on your team. We integrate with firewalls, endpoint, identity providers, cloud infrastructure and applications, productivity applications and much more; using an agentless approach.

What's New At Blumira

30-Minute How-To: Deploy a Cloud SIEM in 1 Hour

Join Blumira’s Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops, David Begley, Technical Account Manager, and Emily Eubanks, Security Operations Analyst, as they walk you through the process of deploying your SIEM so you can instantly start receiving valuable security alerts.

30 Minute How-To: Detect Web Shells

Join Brian Laskowski, Incident Detection Engineer, and Erica Mixon, Content Marketing Manager, as they discuss low-cost methods to detect web shells before they impact your environment.

Your Guide to Microsoft Security

To help organizations running Microsoft environments, our guide gives you practical, step-by-step Windows tips to significantly improve your visibility into malicious activity.