Why Replace Your SIEM?

Streamline Security Operations

Deploy in Hours

Failed SIEM deployments can drag on for months and years. Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform is designed for easy deployment in hours for small IT and security teams.

No More Alert Fatigue

The average organization gets 10,000 alerts a day. Blumira’s automated threat detection and response platform comes with pre-built rules and tuning, sending only prioritized alerts to your team.

Security Expertise

Staffing your own team isn’t always an option. Blumira lets you run lean with our automated threat response platform - while having access to our security team’s expertise when you really need it.

Customers 💙 Blumira

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We Support Your Existing Technology

It’s easy to integrate, centralize logs and realize security value in a matter of hours. Blumira takes care of log parsing to ease the burden on your team. We integrate with firewalls, endpoint protection, identity management providers, cloud infrastructure and applications, productivity applications and much more.

What's New At Blumira

Blumira Raises New Round of Funding For Threat Detection & Response

Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity startup Blumira recently raised $2.6 million to continue innovating on the latest threat detection and response technology.

Security Advisors Series: Zero Trust

Join Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO at Duo Security and Patrick Garrity, VP of Operations at Blumira for a conversation on zero trust in a time of a pandemic.

Threat Detection & Response Assessment

Conduct a gap analysis with our handy checklist to measure your organization's threat detection and response maturity.