Simplified Security for IT Teams

Security doesn't have to be complex. Our SIEM+XDR platform combines the essential tools - logging, endpoint security, automated 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and response - into one easy-to-use solution. Get up and running in under a day, while reducing the manual security workload for your team.

"Blumira is a great solution because they take care of a lot for us. We deployed quickly, not getting flooded with alerts.” — Matt Varblow, VP of Engineering Services at AdvantageCS

Relied On By Resource-Strapped IT Teams

Defend Against Ransomware & Meet Compliance Requirements Like Never Before

Simply Easy

We do the security heavy lifting, so you get more time back in your day. Threat hunting, managed detection, parsing data, prioritized alerting, developing integrations and more.

Better Security, Faster

Accelerate breach prevention and ransomware protection with automated response, blocking and host isolation. Plus, guided response playbooks and 24/7 SecOps support for critical issues.

Get More With Less

The all-in-one XDR platform consolidates capabilities to reduce risk and gain greater visibility into hybrid workforces while meeting more compliance controls. Better security without additional resources.

Advanced Security Made Accessible For All

Blumira provides IT teams of all sizes the ability to run an XDR platform — and still have time for their day jobs.

Deploy in Minutes

Faster time to security with cloud-based integrations for M365, Duo, AWS & more

Focus on Real Threats

Automated rule deployment and prioritized findings

Prepared to Stop Attacks

Automated response features and guided playbooks let you stop attacks before they begin

Simple Forensic Investigation

Quickly search your logs to scope out an incident; access one year of data retention

The Flexibility Of An Open XDR Platform

Blumira’s open, vendor-agnostic platform gives you more flexibility for your SMB budget. Integrate with multiple vendors to get hybrid coverage for cloud, endpoint, identity, servers, and more. With our cloud integrations, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Reviews From Others Like You

It’s one thing to make a security platform to help small IT teams. It’s another to hear just how much it’s impacted their business.

"SIEMs like Splunk and Lumio all look so expensive and like so much work on a small team. Blumira was effective, but not complicated; a great approach and value proposition."

Jason Waits

CISO, Inductive Automation

"I finished setting up Blumira, and one word: WOW! I like the simplicity of your product, the suspect indicator [Finding], and how clean and easy the analysis is."

Amitaf Dasilva

Principal, Compunet Consulting LLC

"One thing we were concerned about with SIEMs is getting the rules set up so we’re not getting inundated with alerts. Blumira is a great solution because you take care of a lot of that for us."

Matt Varblow

VP of Engineering Services, AdvantageCS

True Partners For Our Partners

We also partner with MSPs like you to give your customers affordable threat detection and response that is easy to manage and maintain. Blumira is free for MSP internal use through NFR licensing and our Free SIEM edition. Logging, detection and response for three cloud integrations is also free for your clients.