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Do More With Less

Real Security Value in Days.


Advanced Threat Detection

Prioritize Your Security Findings

Spend less time putting out fires and more on strategic goals. Our fine-tuned rules reduce false-positives, providing only the most important alerts. Reduce your overall attack surface by detecting lateral movement with Blumira’s honeypots.

Automated Threat Remediation

Immediately Block Threats

No more manual investigation or remediation - Blumira’s end-to-end platform gives you one-click configuration rules to quickly block active security threats.

Actionable Playbooks

Analysis + Response: All-in-One

Easily respond and remediate security threats with Blumira’s guided steps, customized for each type of detection. Get our security analysts’ expertise without hiring a full team of your own.

Reporting & Compliance

Track Detections Over Time

Better understand your security findings with Blumira’s pre-populated dashboards and reports to help with investigation and inform your security strategy. Help meet key regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS, FFIEC and HIPAA.

Easy Deployment & Integration

Simplify Log Collection

Get the most value out of your existing security and IT stack by integrating with Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform. Blumira parses logs from firewalls, endpoint protection, cloud infrastructure, identity and many other providers - all through an easy-to-setup sensor.

Customer Stories

What our customers are saying

We get at least 100 messages a day from our antimalware software. It’s not possible to deal with it and get your job done. Now, we just ship the logs right to Blumira - they correlate that data with logs from our other devices and outside threat intelligence to analyze the threat levels and advise us on proper responses.

Dan Kontak

CIO, IT Director, National Machinery

With Blumira, I have been able to relax and trust that the security needs have been taken care of.

Elph Morgan

IT Director

There's a level of skillset we needed to properly manage and secure our environment that we couldn't fill with our internal team - good security engineers are very expensive.

Michael Cross

CIO, Greenleaf Hospitality

Getting started with Blumira was very simple…It was done within a couple of hours, so [it was a] really light load on me.

Todd Tetzlaff

Systems Architect