Rapid Threat Detection & Response

Quickly detect and respond to security threats without the security expertise in-house.

A SIEM doesn’t work without a SOC. Blumira Does.


Today’s SIEM products don’t work for threat detection without a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC). To get effective results, you need a large staff of security experts to configure threat detection and operate 24×7 to triage the volume of alerts that the SIEM generates.


Blumira is a cloud-based service that provides rapid threat detection without the need to add staff or expertise. Blumira comes pre-configured to detect attacks and each actionable finding comes with clear remediation guidance that is designed to be executed by the team you have today.


Blumira is designed for rapid deployment and allows IT teams to see results and benefits in days without having to invest in tools, infrastructure or extra people. The Blumira service provides frustration free pricing that is predictable and affordable.


Blumira provides actionable information and clear guidance from the start, all within a customizable dashboard.

When you use our advanced threat detection platform, it’s like having a full team of expert security analysts around the clock. Minus the cost. Blumira collects, analyzes, and stores log data. Endpoints, network infrastructure, servers and applications are all monitored to detect advanced security threats.

When Blumira identifies important security events, it correlates, validates and investigates potential incidents. Then, you receive prioritized findings and instructions for how to disrupt the threats. It’s that simple.

IT Team Members Get

Actionable information and clear guidance from the start all within a customizable dashboard.

IT Managers Get

KPI reporting that provides peace of mind, visibility, and insights they need at a cost that makes sense.

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No lengthy startup or learning curve. Blumira integrates with existing technologies. No need to deploy one more agent in your infrastructure.

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On average, our detection distills 10M events down to 1 action item. Most SIEM products drown IT teams with 200x more data.

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No infrastructure to manage. Pay for what you need when you need it. Blumira’s small sensor footprint ensures easy and fast deployment.

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IT teams get information that’s understandable and it’s always clear what to do next.

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It does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events. Better yet, everything happens in the cloud.

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Security Researchers maintain our detection engine. Security Analysts vet the events automation can handle accurately.

Ready to Improve Your Cybersecurity?

We look forward to helping you streamline your cybersecurity operations and strengthen your team’s defense against cyber attacks. See for yourself why more companies are opting for Blumira.