Blumira: Easy to Use Detection, Response, Expertise

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Captera 5.0 SIEM Rating


Out-of-the-Box Detection & Response

Unify Your Security Tools

Our platform unifies endpoint security, SIEM logging, detection and response to identify threats other security tools may miss. We’ll send you real-time alerts in under a minute of initial detection to help you respond to threats faster than ever.

Automate Tasks For You

Our SecOps team and engineers manage our automated platform, keeping it up to date with the latest detection rules. We do all the heavy lifting for your team to save them time while reducing noisy alerts. 24/7 support for critical priority issues is included.

Satisfy Compliance & Insurance

With at least a year of data retention and fast deployment, we help you meet multiple cyber insurance and compliance requirements easily and quickly with the team you have today.

Small Teams Love Blumira SIEM

Loved by Customers and Dedicated to Security

See Blumira Detection & Response in Action!

Secure Remote Windows Endpoints

Secure work-from-home employee devices with Blumira Agent: easy-to-use endpoint security designed for SMBs. Blumira Agent collects remote Windows endpoint logs, sending them directly to Blumira's platform for analysis, detection and threat response. Blumira identifies attacker activity early so small IT teams can quickly isolate devices, containing threats like ransomware to prevent a data breach.

Free Blumira SIEM

Set up your free Blumira account in minutes to get coverage for unlimited employees and data. Get coverage for Microsoft 365, with the ability to upgrade to take advantage of our 70+ integrations; detections automatically rolled out to your account, fine-tuned to filter out the noise; a summary dashboard of key findings and pre-built security reports; playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps and one week of log data retention -- upgrade for up to one year.

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