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    See how Blumira gives you the security you need, without taking up all of your time:

    • Fully Deployed in a 1/2 Day
    • Pre-built threat detections
    • Filtered and prioritized findings
    • Guided response playbooks
    • Automated threat blocking features
    • Out-of-the-box dashboards and compliance reports

    The Data Tells the Real Story

    minutes per day on average to manage Blumira and respond to threats
    99.34 %
    more actionable alerts than standard detection systems
    99.7 %
    CSAT rating for our support teams
    24 /7
    automated monitoring
    24 /7
    SecOps support for critical issues
    seconds median detection time for real-time findings
    x faster deployment than the average SIEM
    organizations using Blumira for detection and response

    Better Security is Within Reach

    Ready to elevate your cybersecurity with Blumira? Discover how our platform can transform your security posture with ease and efficiency.