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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Information Security Simplified: FAQs Answered

    Unravel the complexities of SIEM, Blumira's Detection & Response, and Cyber Insurance with ease. Check out your go-to guide for all InfoSec questions.


    What is a SIEM? Why use one for security? Learn all about the benefits of a SIEM, different tools and configurations, cloud SIEM vs. modern SIEM, what you should be logging, using SIEM for threat detection and much more in our SIEM FAQ.

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    FAQ - SIEM - SM2
    Blumira Detection & Response FAQ

     Learn about how Blumira is designed to reduce alert fatigue, why we’re different from other SIEM and SOAR vendors, how we support hybrid environments and more.

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    Cyber Insurance - CARD
    Cyber Insurance FAQ

    The cyber insurance industry is undergoing a massive shift. Learn more about what cyber insurance covers, who needs it, and its changing requirements.

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    InfoSec Glossary

    This glossary breaks down the key terms and concepts to help you grow in security maturity and protect your organization.

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