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    Compliance & Cyber Insurance Requirements

    IT departments can effortlessly fulfill compliance and cyber insurance mandates using Blumira's 24/7 automated monitoring, 365-day data storage, and ready-made compliance reports.

    Common Cybersecurity Frameworks

    Explore some of the most common cybersecurity frameworks

    CMMC Federal contractors need to meet CMMC compliance for logging, auditing, threat detection, reporting and more – Blumira can help you meet CMMC requirements. Learn More
    CJIS The CJIS Security Policy contains requirements, guidelines, and agreements reflecting the will of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies for protecting Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Learn More
    HIPAA Blumira’s cloud SIEM helps organizations meet HIPAA compliance and secure patient health information (PHI) with easy-to-use logging and threat mitigation. Learn More
    Cyber Insurance Use these suggested answers to help you fill out cyber insurance applications. Blumira’s SIEM, detection and response platform can help you meet compliance. Learn More
    NIST 800-171 Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform provides advanced threat detection and logging to help you meet NIST 800-171 compliance standards. Learn More
    NIST 800-53 Blumira helps your organization meet NIST SP 800-53 security controls, including audit and accountability controls. See what our cloud SIEM can do for you. Learn More
    PCI SIEMs are key for PCI DSS. Blumira’s cloud SIEM can help you meet PCI log monitoring requirements with automated threat detection and response. Learn More
    CIS Critical Security Controls Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform helps your organization easily meet CIS framework requirements for logging, monitoring, threat detection, and response. Learn More
    FFIEC Blumira’s cloud SIEM offers the automated audit trails and logging that help organizations meet and exceed FFIEC compliance standards. Learn More
    FTC Safeguards Rule Small teams can deploy Blumira in hours to help satisfy FTC Safeguards requirements like audit logging. Learn about other ways Blumira can help. Learn More
    ISO 27001 Meeting ISO 27001 standards is critical for manufacturing companies. Blumira’s SIEM + XDR platform can help you meet compliance requirements. Learn More

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