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    Blumira Pricing

    SIEM & XDR Security

    Our simple per seat pricing removes the risk ingestion-based pricing adds to your budget and security posture. Improve your security and save every month with unlimited data ingestion. Get started today by purchasing SIEM Starter or contact us for a custom quote on SIEM + and XDR.

    Free SIEM
    FREE No Card Needed UNLIMITED

    Access to everything below:
    • Check 14 days retention
    • Check Choose 3 cloud integrations**
    • Check Log collection & threat analysis
    • Check Managed detections, rule insight, and rule management
    • Check Response playbooks
    • Check Dashboard summary & basic reporting
    • Check Email notifications
    SIEM Starter
    $15 per seat/month 10-50 SEATS

    Everything in Free SIEM, plus:
    • Check 90 days retention
    • Check Endpoint visibility & response
    • Check All cloud integrations
    • Check Detection filters
    • Check Manual host isolation
    • Check Advanced dashboards & compliance reports
    • Check Notifications (voice, email & text)
    • Check Customer support (9am-8pm ET)
    • Check SIEM Starter + Compliance Upgrade:
      1-Year storage and Executive reports for additional monthly fee
    SIEM +
    $20 per seat/month 50+ SEATS

    Everything in SIEM Starter, plus:
    • Check 1 year retention
    • Check Access to on-prem sensor integrations
    • Check Manual dynamic blocklists
    • Check Executive Summaries
    • Check Honeypots
    • Check Blumira Investigate
    • Check Emergency after hours support (24/7 for critical issues)
    • Check Recurring CSM syncs & external threat scans
    XDR Platform
    $25 per seat/month 50+ SEATS

    Everything in SIEM +, plus:
    • Check 1 year retention, with longer term retention available
    • Check Automated host isolation
    • Check Automated blocking (for dynamic blocklists)
    • Check White glove onboarding included

    Volume, education and nonprofit discounts available. Contact sales for custom quote.



    Redefining Security Support Excellence

    Blumira support is unparalleled, with four dedicated teams that consistently achieve a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating. Our support teams pride themselves on providing lightning-fast response times – 18 minutes on average.

    Incident Detection Engineers

    The security engineering team powering the Blumira platform, constantly creating, testing, and deploying new detections and enhancements to the platform. Keeping your security up-to-date without you lifting a finger

    Security Operations

    A team of security professionals standing by to help out with any security questions or concerns you have on your alerts. They’re available 24/7 for critical issues for SIEM+ and XDR customers.

    Solution Architects

    Working with you from day 1 to create a foundation for security success, including advising on your overall security posture, conducting threat surface assessments, and helping you to successfully integrate as much of your environment as possible with Blumira.

    Customer Success Managers

    Understanding and helping you to meet your security and compliance goals with Blumira, through setting up an onboarding plan, conducting training, and meeting with you regularly to help maximize your Blumira experience.

    Compare SIEM & XDR Editions

    Easily meet compliance with SIEM data retention, security reporting, 24/7 SecOps and more.

    Free SIEM SIEM Starter SIEM + XDR Platform

    Get real security value with out-of-the-box detection and response for up to 3 cloud integrations in minutes
    Expanded visibility and security coverage with all cloud integrations and Blumira endpoint agent
    Meet compliance standards and protect more with on-prem integrations and 24/7 emergency security support
    Stop threats faster with comprehensive coverage, automated security features and white-glove onboarding


    Data Ingestion
    Data Retention
    14 Days
    90 Days (Upgrade to 365)
    365 Days
    365 Days
    Long Term Storage Options


    Blumira Agent
    Included Agents
    1 per seat
    1 per seat
    1 per seat
    Ability To Buy Additional Agents


    Cloud Connectors
    Up to 3
    On-Prem Sensors


    Log Collection
    Threat Analysis


    Managed Detection
    Detection Rule Insight
    Detection Rule Management
    Detection Filters


    Response Playbooks
    Manual Host Isolation for Agent
    Manual Dynamic Blocklists
    Automated Dynamic Blocklists
    Automated Host Isolation for Agent


    Dashboard Summary
    Advanced Dashboards


    Saved Reports
    Compliance Reports
    Report Builder
    Blumira Investigate
    Executive Summaries
    With Upgrade

    Deception Technology


    Notifications + Support

    Notifications (Voice, Text, Email)
    Email Only
    White Glove Onboarding (One Time Fee - Required)
    Ongoing Support (9am - 8pm ET)
    Emergency After Hours Support (24/7 for Critical Priority Issues)
    External Threat Surface Scans (Biannually)
    Dedicated CSM + Recurring Syncs (Quarterly)

    MSP pricing and packaging will differ. Contact for more details.
    *Subject to our Terms and Conditions.
    **Free SIEM can choose up to 3 cloud integrations: Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, SentinelOne, Webroot, Mimecast, Duo Security, Cisco Umbrella, Sophos, JumpCloud, OneLogin

    See FAQ for more information on seats (it does not refer to the number of users or admins with Blumira accounts).
    Pricing for SIEM Starter is contracted on a monthly basis. Pricing for SIEM+ and XDR is contracted on an annual basis.
    Additional endpoint agents available for SIEM+ and XDR editions.

    Customers Love Blumira

    Hear what our clients are saying.

    For a certain size of customer with no staff or only one security staff member, Blumira is an absolute godsend.

    Jason Waits
    CISO, Inductive Automotive

    The system is very easy to understand and implement and they do ALL the heavy lifting for you. I can't express this enough. My small team has found it to be a very affordable and efficient product not only notifying us of things we otherwise wouldn't detect but also teaching us things we didn't know we needed to know!

    Casey S.
    IT Leader, small business

    Overall, Blumira is an AWESOME hosted SIEM/MDR solution at an extremely reasonable price point. It's also a fraction of the cost [of a traditional SIEM], and top-notch support is included in the price.

    Jon I.
    Principle Consultant, mid-sized business

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I expect with Blumira Free SIEM edition?

    Choose up to 3 cloud integrations – Microsoft 365, SentinelOne, Webroot, Mimecast, Duo Security, Cisco Umbrella, OneLogin and more – to start streaming logs to Blumira for advanced threat detection and response. Get started in minutes with: What to Expect With Blumira’s Free Edition


    How can I protect my full tech stack?

    SIEM + and the XDR platform provide access to all cloud and on-prem including Windows Server, firewalls, identity and more integrations along with endpoint visibility for Windows, MacOS and Linux endpoints.

    How do I switch to a different plan?

    SIEM Starter and SIEM Starter + Compliance can be purchased online and you can add users directly in the product. Those interested in SIEM + or XDR will need to reach out to Blumira to help assist you with any plan changes.

    What do I need to help meet compliance?

    While compliance regulations may vary, most industry standards and upcoming cybersecurity insurance mandates often require at least one year of data retention for audit trails, log monitoring, investigation and incident response. Purchase SIEM Starter + Compliance for one year of retention, or upgrade to the Blumira SIEM+ edition or XDR Platform for the option of longer data retention.

    Is there a seat minimum?

    There is a 10 seat minimum for all paid Blumira editions, and SIEM Starter has a 50 seat maximum. Our Free SIEM has no minimum and comes with unlimited seats.

    How do you provide support?

    Customer support is available for paid editions only. Your team can contact our support directly in the Blumira app, by email or calling our support line. For SIEM+ and XDR Platform, Blumira provides emergency after hours support 24 hours, 7 days a week for critical priority issues. Free SIEM users have access to our support documentation.


    Is there a contract term?

    Our contract terms for SIEM Starter is month to month and both SIEM + and XDR are contracted on an annual basis.

    How can I purchase Blumira Agent?

    SIEM Starter, SIEM Plus, and XDR Platform come bundled with 1 Blumira Agent per seat. SIEM+ and XDR Platform have the ability to purchase additional agents at $3 per agent per month. MSP pricing and packaging will differ – contact for more details.

    Still Have Questions?

    We’re happy to answer any questions about our editions and provide a custom price quote.