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MSP:  Path Forward IT – An MSP who uses Blumira for Advanced Threat Detection and Response without the need of an internal SOC

SLED: Crescent City – A real customer story on how Crescent City, with an internal IT team of 1-person, automates threat response with Blumira – no SOC (security operations center) required.

SLED: Ottawa County – Ottawa County’s complex infrastructure and busy IT team required an affordable, easy-to-use, automated detection and response solution to reduce manual log reviews required for state and local government compliance regulations.

SMB: AdvantageCS – Security is important to the AdvantageCS mission to ensure their managed SaaS product isn’t an attack surface for their clients’ data stored in their cloud environment.

Mid-Sized Healthcare Company – As a fast-growing company with a startup mentality, a mid-sized healthcare company needed a detection and response solution that acted like an extension of their current team. But they were frustrated by the decline in their existing AlienVault service and solution reliability.

Healthcare: Burcham Hills – Trying to balance IT operations, virtualization and security goals, Burcham Hills needed to bring security in-house and help meet HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance.

Manufacturing: Duraflame – With limited IT budget and staff, Duraflame needed a secure, reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to protect against internal and external security threats and malware, without the heavy cost of managing a SOC.

Telecom: TAS United – TAS United needed to secure and support a fully-remote workforce using their personal devices to do their jobs while meeting PCI DSS compliance.

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Blumira Logos (zipped folder of PNGs) – Blue and white versions of the Blumira logo you can use in your marketing and sales materials.

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Blumira Style Guide (PDF) – A brief overview of the Blumira logos, fonts, colors and secondary colors and more to help you understand how to present the Blumira brand in your marketing and sales materials.