Designed for IT teams of any size to set up in three easy steps:


Sign Up Free & Fast

No credit card required; use your existing Microsoft account or email address and two-factor authentication.


Integrate with 3 Cloud Applications

Connect to Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Duo, SentinelOne, Umbrella, Webroot, or Mimecast in minutes with guided steps.


Get Security Insights

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See prioritized findings, guided response playbooks, and a security dashboard and reports in our SIEM tool.

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It's easy to upgrade for additional integrations, longer data retention, XDR features, access to our security operations team, and 24/7 support for urgent issues

What You Get With Your Free Edition:

Coverage for up to 3 cloud integrations, including: M365, Google Workspace, Duo, SentinelOne, Umbrella, Webroot, Mimecast
Easy, guided setup with Cloud Connectors -- in minutes
Detections automatically rolled out to your account, fine-tuned to filter out the noise
Summary dashboard of key findings and security reports
Playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps
Log unlimited data from unlimited employees
Two weeks of log data retention -- upgrade for up to one year

*Subject to Blumira’s Terms and Conditions
An employee is defined as a knowledge worker in your organization; the total count of employees is used to determine pricing for upgrades to paid editions.