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A spambot is a computer application designed to send spam emails automatically in large quantities. It automatically collects email addresses from various sources on the Internet. Using the large number of email addresses collected, a spambot creates mailing lists and sends junk mail, also known as spam.

Spambots may be used by spammers, to carry out certain attacks on a website or servers. Spambots create fake accounts and send unsolicited messages through them for purposes which could include advertising, hacking or even fraudulent businesses. Many websites and hosts try to protect their websites from spam by using anti-spam programs.

Spambots are automated computer applications that are capable of sending huge numbers of emails to a large mailing list. Spammers use these spambots for various purposes. A spam mail may contain a virus attachment and spread malware. It may also be used to post demeaning content onto somebody’s inbox or as a method of advertisement.

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