IT Security Solution for Financial Services, Healthcare & More

Blumira isn’t just another IT security solution, it’s designed to help organizations meet various regulatory and compliance requirements.

Financial Services IT Security

The Problem

IT security is an ongoing concern for the financial services sector.

Financial services experience the highest volume of security incidents and have the highest annual cost of cybercrime–averaging $18.28 million for US companies (Accenture). This places a heavy burden on companies within all subsectors of finance, of which there are many. What’s more, it tarnishes their brand image and diminishes customer confidence in the institution.

And while many financial institutions turn to traditional SIEM platforms to detect cybersecurity threats, these systems aren’t effective solutions to improve their detection capabilities.  

These platforms present a significant cost issue for midsize organizations. This is because these platforms require significant investment in security staff to run them effectively resulting in high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Most organizations cannot afford such an investment, and these organizations are either left with a false sense of security or no security at all as a result of systemic underspending.

The Financial Services IT Security Solution

Blumira is an advanced threat detection and response platform that alerts your team about critical cyber threats in real time.

Our detection platform distills ten million log events down to one item that your existing IT team can take action on. Other IT security solutions generate 200 times more data points, and all of those demand human intervention to prioritize and define needed actions.

With Blumira, that work is already done for your team. This means they can focus on actually disrupting the cyber threat to prevent or contain damage. It has also been designed to be easy to implement and intuitive, so existing teams can have it up and running in a few days, instead of months.

Blumira helps bring material improvement to your security and meet your compliance mandates cost effectively.

Healthcare IT Security

The Problem

Healthcare has some of the greatest liability and regulatory requirements as compared to other industries. Companies in this space have a heightened need to get their security and compliance right as breaches result in and erosion of customer trust and invite hefty fines from enforcement agencies. In fact, the healthcare sector is the target of 25% of data breaches – costing them $408 per lost or stolen record.

Many healthcare organizations also struggle from proliferation of disparate and legacy devices in their infrastructure due to their growth through mergers and acquisitions. It is a challenging task to maintain uniformity in the environment and deploy an additional agent to prevent cyber attacks.

While some institutions deploy traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products to detect cyber attacks, it doesn’t translate to effective threat detection as often cash strapped organizations do not invest in security personnel to provide the care and feeding that these systems require on an ongoing basis. They demand a skill set that not all healthcare IT teams have access to. Often, this requires the build-out of a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), complete with IT security analysts and researchers.

Never before has there been a bigger demand for an effective IT security solution for healthcare.

The Healthcare IT Security Solution

With Blumira’s cloud-based advanced threat detection and response platform for healthcare organizations,  your team will get big-budget security at an affordable cost. 

Our IT security solution for healthcare will analyze, prioritize and identify actions to be taken within minutes, not months. The guidelines for disrupting the threat are clear and actionable, and they go to the right person at the right time. Anyone on your IT team can follow these instructions for mitigating the threat. 

With Blumira, you save money by not having to add security expertise to your team. Nor do you have to overwork your existing team. The minute you start using Blumira, you adopt a more efficient approach to healthcare cybersecurity and protect your brand image. Blumira helps you improve your security and meet your compliance mandates well within your budget.

Not In Healthcare or Finance?

Blumira is used by clients throughout various industries, all with their own specific IT security nuances and needs. At Blumira, we work closely with your team to make sure our platform suits your company’s requirements and adapts to your company’s growth. Request a demo of our platform today, and your team can experience the benefits first-hand.