Industrial (ICS/OT) Security

Internet-connected industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) are common targets for attackers seeking to steal data or disrupt operations. These systems monitor critical infrastructure and complex industrial processes that operate power grids, transportation, manufacturing and other services.

There are certain key challenges that the industrial sector faces when it comes to securing industrial infrastructure:

  • Staffing challenges due to shortage of talent with ICS cybersecurity expertise
  • Lack of overall security visibility and asset inventory/discovery
  • Inability to detect risks or threats across connected systems
  • Increasing connectivity of ICS to enterprise networks and the internet across operational technology (OT), exposing them to risk
  • Requirements to keep all key systems running, despite legacy use of insecure protocols or end-of-life equipment (no longer supported by vendors)

Industrial organizations need to minimize their overall attack surface to reduce the risk of severe operational and financial damage. They can significantly reduce risks by:

  • Centralizing their view into the activity across complex, interconnected and distributed systems using a SIEM (security information and event management) system
  • Automating the collection, parsing, analysis and correlation of log data from key systems to monitor for anomalies and early indicators of an attack
  • Detect the use of insecure protocols or common misconfigurations that can broaden their attack surface
  • Keeping event logs and historical data, with search and reporting capabilities to help with deeper investigation, detection and response
  • Responding to events quickly using gathered evidence and guided security playbooks for next steps in order to contain or block threats
  • Pair SIEM (security incident and event management) with automated detection and response in one solution to reduce integration complexity, address solution sprawl and save time spent switching between tools

Blumira’s platform combines a cloud SIEM with automated threat detection & response capabilities to provide one easy-to-deploy solution that helps security or IT teams do more with less.

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