State and Local Government Cybersecurity

Securing Local Government Networks and Citizen Data

With budgets and IT teams both stretched thin, city and county municipalities must still stay ahead of cyberattacks to prevent disruptions to critical infrastructure. When a cybersecurity incident hits a state or local government agency, it can affect medical treatment, leak citizen and police data, and violate compliance regulations like CJIS and IRS Pub 1075.

Time to security is more critical than ever to quickly detect and contain threats.

With Blumira’s cloud detection and response platform, you can get up and running faster than any other security solution — using your existing team and infrastructure. Get comprehensive security coverage in hours for your entire IT environment to rapidly detect and stop attacks.

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High Cost of Ransomware For State & Local Governments

In 2020 alone, 2,400 U.S.-based governments, healthcare facilities and schools fell victim to ransomware (Bluevoyant). A ransomware attack against the city of New Orleans resulted in the disruption of municipal and traffic court operations, access to electronic health records and their homeless outreach program — which was far more costly than an initial investment in security solutions.

“The attack will cost the City over $7 million to fix but might have been prevented by investing in cybersecurity tools beforehand.” – Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La.

Cybersecurity Challenges For State & Local Governments

Attackers view state and local governments as extremely easy targets for the following reasons:

  • Their infrastructure is often out of date or running legacy tech that cannot be easily updated or patched for the latest vulnerabilities.
  • It often isn’t hardened against basic attacker tactics or techniques.
  • Due to limited resources and smaller IT teams, they may also not have the security expertise in-house to know what to focus on, or how to respond to a security incident.

Ransomware attacks against state and local governments have risen 50% since 2017, with the average ransom demand at nearly half a million (Bluevoyant).

How Can Local Governments Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Blumira offers an all-in-one solution that local governments can leverage, no matter what size team or level of security expertise. Blumira’s platform enables you to detect and respond to threats to prevent a ransomware attack and data breach:


Monitor and detect real threats:

  • Deploy in minutes and hours, not weeks or months – Blumira is 5x faster to fully implement than other security solutions, increasing your time to security*
  • Get meaningful, high-value alerts on real threats to reduce false positives and alert fatigue for your small teams so they know what to prioritize
  • Gain comprehensive visibility with third-party integrations across cloud, on-premises and cross-platform; and track trends with security reports

Common security issues seen in state and local government:

  • Password spraying – This is a type of brute-force attack Blumira detects that is used by attackers to gain initial access into a local government’s systems.
  • RDP connections – Remote Desktop Protocol is often misconfigured to allow public IP access from the internet, which can result in ransomware. Blumira notifies you of any external attempts to connect via RDP to your network to protect against attacker exploitation.
  • Lateral movement – Attackers will target local government network devices for unauthorized access to enable them to move laterally through your environment. Blumira’s honeypots give you an easy, one-click way to detect and respond to these attempts.


Enable your team to quickly respond:

  • Respond automatically through Blumira’s platform by blocking known threats
  • Know what to respond to with Blumira’s prioritized alerts that tell you what’s critical and urgent
  • Know how to respond quickly with the step-by-step playbooks that populate with every alert


Gain access to security expertise:

  • Get responsive security advice from Blumira’s experienced security team
  • Dedicated assistance with onboarding, deployment, integrations and rule management
  • Advanced support for incident response to help with triage and provide logs for investigation and remediation

*Based on a comparison of 12 different SIEM providers on G2

How Blumira Makes Cybersecurity Easy for State & Local Government

Get more detail on the value we provide for state and local government cybersecurity:

  • Ease of Deployment & Use – Set up Blumira’s cloud-delivered detection and response platform in minutes or hours, using your existing smaller teams; no need for security expertise to manage or respond to alerts.
  • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – On average, Blumira is 25-40% more affordable than other SIEM providers, making it easy to justify budget and ROI (return on investment) to your executive board
  • Automated Security Operations – Blumira’s platform automates the manual process of threat hunting and analysis. Using pre-built rules, Blumira sends high-value alerts on detected threats so small teams knows what to prioritize and how to respond
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Out-of-the-box, vendor-agnostic integrations with third parties across on-premises and cloud applications provide advanced security visibility and wide coverage across complex, hybrid environments often seen in state and local government
  • Help Meet Compliance – Blumira’s platform automates daily log reviews to help state and local governments meet CJIS, IRS Pub 1075 and other compliance requirements for audit trails, log review, detection and response, log retention and more. It also provides scheduled, automated reports useful for auditors.
  • Trusted Security Advisors – At no added cost, you get access to responsive, helpful security advice from Blumira’s in-house security operations team to assist with onboarding, management, new integrations or incident response triage and investigation as needed – acting as an extension of your existing IT team.

Meeting CJIS & IRS Pub 1075 Compliance

CJIS For Local Government Compliance

Enforced by the FBI, local governments need to comply with the CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services) security policies for protecting the use of criminal justice data used by police and sheriff departments at local municipalities.

Blumira can help with CJIS compliance requirements (5.3-5.5) for incident handling, monitoring, auditing, events, response to audit processing failures, record retention and more.

IRS Pub 1075 For Local Government Compliance

Enforced by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), state and local governments need to comply with the IRS Publication 1075 set of requirements that outline tax information security guidelines for federal, state and local agencies. It provides safeguards for protecting federal tax returns and tax information.

Blumira can help with IRS Pub 1075 requirements (3.2, 4.7, 9.3 and more) for audit trails, data storage, audit events/records, protection of audit information, continuous monitoring and more.

Other Compliance: HIPAA, NIST

For certain municipalities, they must meet other compliance requirements to safeguard healthcare patient data, such as that of incarcerated inmates held in county prisons. Blumira can help you meet security requirements such as HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and more.

Quick Cybersecurity Demo in Your Environment

On average, it takes most organizations a matter of minutes and hours to start sending logs to Blumira’s platform for detection and response coverage.

While traditional SIEMs require months of setup, Blumira does all of the heavy lifting for you – we parse your data, write and roll out new rules automatically, and provide pre-written playbooks for response.

This makes it fast, easy, and painless for city and county local governments to try Blumira’s platform before they decide to buy, using the team they have today.

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