Retail Security

Cybersecurity Challenges of Retail 

IT security is an ongoing concern for retail organizations. The retail sector is also highly regulated by compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS.

Retail organizations experience a high volume of target attacks because of the value of credit card and consumer data.

While many retail organization turn to traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms to detect cybersecurity threats, the usefulness of these systems is limited because most organizations have limited resources to engineer the product to work effectively. Not only that but the solutions ends after IT is notified of a potential security event. The team is often left uncertain of the threat’s severity and the appropriate next steps.

A SIEM requires regular maintenance and optimization to defend against the latest cyber-attacks. This is done in large corporations by a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by a group of specialized IT security analysts to sift through alerts, determine the severity of each, take action on the most important ones, and feed and maintain the system on an ongoing basis. A SOC demands a skill set and resources that not every financial services company has available to them. 

Addressing the Retail Security Gap

Blumira is an advanced threat detection and response platform that alerts your team about critical cyber threats in real-time and provides automated and actionable response capabilities that reduce the overhead associated with traditional SIEM products.

When you choose Blumira, you get a detection platform distills millions of log events down to a single item so your existing IT team can take action on without requiring security expertise. Other IT security solutions generate 200 times more data points, and all of those demand human intervention to prioritize and define needed actions.

Blumira does that work for your team, so they can focus on actually disrupting the cyber threat to prevent or contain damage. It is easy to implement and intuitive to use, allowing existing teams to get it up and running in a few days, not months.

Blumira makes your company stronger and helps you meet compliance mandates painlessly. Adopt a more effective approach to cybersecurity in financial services. Contact us for a demo today