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Blumira’s Advanced Edition

Full Security Coverage Across Your Entire Environment

Blumira’s Advanced Edition provides an all-in-one, unified security platform that combines logging with SIEM, detection and response, designed for SMBs to easily set up and use. When paired with Blumira Agent, you also get coverage for remote Windows endpoints and the ability to isolate devices when a threat is detected.


Blumira’s platform can help you meet several compliance and cyber insurance requirements for greater value in one solution. Protect against ransomware and data breaches by identifying and resolving incidents faster.


See Blumira in Action

Contact us for a demo of Blumira’s Advanced Edition and sign up for a free trial. Or, sign up for our Free Edition to set up one integration for Microsoft 365 to test it out yourself today. You will need to upgrade to Blumira’s Advanced Edition to take advantage of certain features, including:

  • All cloud & on-prem integrations
  • Detection Rule Management
  • Detection Filters
  • Advanced Search with Report Builder
  • Security dashboards
  • Honeypots
  • One year of data retention
  • Automated response with Dynamic Blocklists

Learn more about these features below:

Blumira’s Advanced Edition features include:

✔ Unlimited Third-Party Integrations

Expand beyond Microsoft 365 to integrate Blumira’s platform with your full tech stack for complete security coverage for both cloud and on-premises applications. Send logs from your endpoint, identity, cloud infrastructure, firewalls, servers and more to Blumira’s platform for detection, analysis and response. See which integrations we support with in-house parsing and updates for data types, doing the heavy lifting for you to save your small team’s time.

✔ One Year of Data Retention

Historical log data retention is a requirement of many different compliance regulations with a minimum of a year available immediately to help assist with investigation. While many other SIEM, EDR and XDR providers charge a premium additional fee for long-term data retention, Blumira includes one year (with the option for longer) in Advanced Edition. Search the data without needing to learn a query language and populate reports you can schedule to send periodically.

✔ 24/7 Security Operations Team Support

You have a small team split between IT and security with limited time to respond to incidents. Blumira’s expert SecOps team is here for you whenever you need additional guidance to understand findings, help with guided response, onboarding, integration setup and more. As continual winners of G2’s Best Support award, we pride ourselves on providing a true security partnership to our valued customers.

✔ Detection Rule Management

See a list of all of your Blumira detection rules enabled in your application, including the name of the detection rule, what category it belongs to, the priority of the finding, data type (integration), a summary of the detection analysis and more. Easily disable or enable rules by toggling them on/off to suit your organization’s specific needs.

✔ Customized Detection Filters

Detection Filters allows you to tune your own detection rules within the Blumira platform. This gives you the ability to prevent triggering alerts based on your organization’s known safe, normal or expected activity. While Blumira’s team always pre-tunes detection rules to reduce noisy alerts before rolling them out to the platform for all customers, you can further tune them to fit your organization’s specific needs. A small team may not want to get a ton of detection alerts for a known, allowed IP address from Blumira’s platform – Detection Filters allows them to cut down on noise and streamline their security operations.

✔ Managed Detection Rules

Blumira’s incident detection engineering (IDE) team manages your detection rules for your organization, keeping up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Updating the global platform automatically every two weeks, the team writes new detection rules for different integrations, providing easy-to-understand threat analyses and playbooks to walk you through how to respond. While other SIEM providers may only collect your logs and provide little security value, our team acts like an extension of your security team to continuously improve your security maturity over time.

✔ Playbooks For Guided Response

Knowing not every IT help desk analyst has in-depth security expertise, we’ve designed our platform to be easy to use for SMBs of all levels of security maturity. Our team of security experts writes playbooks for every finding generated, sending your IT team instructions on what next steps they need to take to start the remediation and investigation process. This helps expedite the threat response process, resulting in faster resolution to lessen the impact of an incident on your organization.

✔ Automated Response (Dynamic Blocklists)

Blumira’s dynamic blocklists (DBLs) automatically block traffic from known malicious sources by providing your next-generation firewall (NGFW) with a regularly-updated aggregate of blocklist and threat list data. Blumira integrates with many different firewall providers, including Palo Alto Next-Gen Firewall, Fortinet Fortigate Firewall, Cisco ASA Firewall (With Firepower Defense Module), Cisco FTD and Check Point Next Generation Firewall.

✔ Advanced Reporting

Quickly dig deeper into your log data using Blumira’s Report Builder for all of your investigation, reporting and compliance needs. Gain insight into potential threat detections and network traffic in your cloud infrastructure or other third-party services by searching via data source. Blumira’s Report Builder can help you track the creation of new accounts for changes to root and admin account privileges, required by compliance regulations like PCI DSS. Create and send your own scheduled security reports — schedule them to run periodically and send to recipients of choice to streamline your reporting workflow.

✔ Security Dashboards

Built for every user, see trends across your environment in our different dashboards:

  • Responder – See all security findings and respond to priority alerts.
  • Manager – See all detections, source locations and current active findings.
  • Security – Get a summary of your events, findings, users and endpoints.

✔ Honeypots

Honeypots are used to gain visibility into active threats or curious insiders that could introduce risk to an environment. A honeypot lures attackers with a network device that appears to contain valuable data. Once an attacker tries to log in, scan the device, or attempts to access a file on the device – the honeypot will notify your team.

“The honeypots are a cool add-on to the SIEM and a good way to see if there’s lateral movement on our network. It’s not something we would do ourselves, but with Blumira, we were able to click one button and deploy it.” – Mike Morrow, Technical Infrastructure Manager, Ottawa County

Add-On For Endpoint Security: Blumira Agent

Secure Windows devices from any location with Blumira Agent: easy-to-use endpoint security designed for SMBs. Blumira Agent collects Windows endpoint logs, sending them directly to Blumira’s cloud platform for analysis, detection and threat response — no infrastructure required.

With Blumira Agent’s host isolation, small IT teams can quickly contain threats to prevent the spread of ransomware and data breaches.

See Blumira in Action

Contact us for a demo of Blumira’s Advanced Edition and sign up for a free trial. Or, sign up for our Free Edition to set up one integration for Microsoft 365 to test it out yourself today.