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    Windows - Deletion Event Log Detection Test

    Deletion of Windows Event Log SIEM Detection Test

    The deletion of a Windows Event Viewer Security log is a common pattern of post-attack evasion by malicious software and attackers. By monitoring for this deletion, you can have immediate awareness of what should be an unusual activity -- with the benefit of having those same deleted event logs stored in Blumira for analysis.

    How to Test Deletion of Windows Security Log

    • Windows Host must be set up with NxLog configuration and properly logging to Blumira
    • GPO Advanced Logging (Logmira) - must be installed and logging properly to Blumira
    Testing Steps:
    1. There are various ways to delete the Security Event Viewer Logs, however the easiest is to use a PowerShell command
    2. Open PowerShell with "Run as Administrator"
    3. Run the command Clear-EventLog "Security"
    4. This detection test will trigger a finding in your Blumira console and the appropriate notifications per your Blumira settings

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