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    Duo Security Fraudulent Push Notification SIEM Detection

    Duo Security is used to require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to an organization. With Blumira, admins can consolidate MFA authentication logs and correlate them towards Blumira Security Detections. This samples shows a detection(finding) alert in Blumira when a user marks a push notification as a fraudulent request.

    Test SIEM Detection - Duo Security Fraudulent Push Notification

    This guide will walk through a detection test when a user utilizing Duo Security gets a push notification from a fraudulent source.


    • The Duo Security Module must be enabled and logging properly to Blumira
    Detection Test:
    1. Have the Duo Admin Panel & Blumira Admin Panel open
    2. Go to an application protected by Duo Security
    3. Once on the Duo Prompt (MFA) screen, select "Send Me a Push" to your mobile device or tablet
    4. When received, deny the push notification by select the red X
    5. Select "Report as Fraud"
    6. Within minutes, a Finding (alert) will appear in Blumira on the Responder Dashboard

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