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Test Detection for Microsoft 365 – Inbox Forwarding Rule

Test Detection for Microsoft 365 – Inbox Forwarding Rule

Microsoft 365 Inbox Forwarding Rule

The creation of an Microsoft 365 inbox rule is often a technique used to exfiltrate email that is often used for recon purposes in a staged attack. By monitoring for new inbox rule creation, you can have immediate awareness of what could be a malicious activity.


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How to Test Office365 Inbox Forwarding Rule


  • Office 365 module is configured and properly logging to Blumira

Testing Steps:

  1. Sign in to office365 email account in Outlook
  2. Navigate to Settings > View all Outlook settings
  3. Mail > Forwarding > Enable forwarding > add forwarding email address > Click Save
  4. Within minutes, a finding (alert) appears within the Blumira responder dashboard