MSPs (Managed Service Providers)

Security made simple for IT and SMBs. Partner with Blumira to detect and stop attacks like ransomware. Blumira’s automated detection and response platform is backed by a responsive, experienced security operations team to help answer your questions.

Detect & Stop Real Threats Quickly

Blumira’s cloud SIEM analyzes data from your customers’ full tech stack and delivers guided playbooks with every meaningful finding, enabling IT teams to resolve issues faster without experiencing alert fatigue. Blumira’s security team keeps our proprietary SIEM up to date with new detections based on the latest exploits and threats.


Predictable, Affordable Pricing

Blumira is priced by user —  not data volume — to maximize each customer’s investment and prevent hidden fees. To provide a better return on investment (ROI), our package includes ongoing security consultations while our platform automates manual tasks for your customers. Designed for SMBs, Blumira has a 25-40% lower total cost of ownership compared to other providers. Blumira is free for MSP internal use through NFR licensing (can’t beat free!).

Your Trusted Security Advisor

Get access to Blumira’s responsive security team to help with triage, investigation, response and ongoing consultations with a dedicated technical account manager. Acting as an extension of your team, we continuously strive to improve both your security coverage and that of your customers.


We want a partner in our security system, not just a service…somebody that we can rely on for any security issues. Blumira is our trusted advisor.

Dan Kontak IT Director, National Machinery


Fastest Time to Security

Designed for IT teams of any size to set up in minutes, Blumira’s centralized platform makes multi-tenant management a breeze, enabling your team to resolve issues quickly without requiring security expertise. We integrate easily with your full Microsoft stack to detect and help you respond to threats faster.


Blumira is a great solution — we didn’t have to spend six months on the tool to get it set up correctly. We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.

Matt Varblow VP of Engineering, AdvantageCS

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