At Blumira, we believe partners are strategic to deliver on our mission to make security accessible to organizations of all sizes. We are continuously developing our partner program to deliver value to solutions providers, managed service providers (MSPs) and other channel partnerships.

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Our fully-integrated platform provides partners the best security value, with real security insights for their customers. We offer:

  • Cloud SIEM – An agentless, scalable cloud-delivered SIEM that connects to existing technology, collects and centralizes logs in a matter of hours. The platform also supports multi-tenancy for ease of managing different organizations from one interface.
  • Automated Threat Detection – Blumira surfaces important threats with automatic log parsing, prioritized alerts, context-rich data, and correlated threat analysis.
  • Automated Threat Response – Don’t have the time to investigate every alert? Blumira helps small teams respond and remediate threats quickly, with security playbooks and automated blocklists.
  • Security Playbooks – With Blumira’s pre-built playbooks, responding and remediating risks in your environment is easier than ever, and doesn’t require security expertise.
  • Virtual Honeypots – Blumira’s advanced threat detection also offers easy-to-use honeypot software, allowing you to detect an attacker’s lateral movement and automatically contain threats.

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Our awesome marketing team is also happy to help with any co-partner marketing activities and campaigns, and we provide many resources to help your team understand, market and sell Blumira to your customer base and beyond:

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Solutions Providers

Access Interactive

Access Interactive is a Michigan-based IT solutions company with over 40 engineers. We have built our business by helping our customers make the most of their technology investment.

As an engineering and business consulting company, we use technology to fix, accomplish, or avoid customer-critical business initiatives. We strive to learn our customers’ business domains; only then can we make the best recommendations with the strongest ROI metrics.

Access Interactive has chosen to partner with Blumira to provide a cost-effective, easy-to-operate SIEM with great APIs for our customers, allowing them to have a single pane of glass of actionable intelligence.

“Blumira has proven to be an exceptional value because of its focus on actionable security intelligence. Blumira cuts through the cloud of complexity and helps administrators of different skill levels make good decisions while encouraging focused attention on the proper threats. In this world of big data, Blumira has simplified the security single pane of glass.”

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NetWorks Group

NetWorks Group is an Ethical Hacking and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with practices in Offensive Security, Defensive Security, and Compliance. Founded in 1997, we have over 20 years of experience delivering services that improve security outcomes. Our services are designed to provide you with a clear risk-informed understanding of your security, so that you can invest where it matters. Our unique approach to security not only helps you stay ahead of cyber criminals but also helps you reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Partnered with Blumira, NetWorks Group enables customers to assess their current security posture, while Blumira ensures ongoing, automated detection and response with broad coverage of your existing technology stack.

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Lucidia IT

Lucidia IT is a women-owned engineering IT consulting firm. We help our customers adopt advanced technologies across multiple segments. These include private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, cybersecurity, enterprise networking, unified communications as a service, contact center as a service. We help our customers maintain these solutions with our managed services offerings. We strive for a diverse culture and we are very proud of the fact that more than 55% of our current team today is held by women. We support commercial and federal customers; locally, nationally, and globally. Lucidia IT brings integrity and engineering excellence to our customers.

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“Blumira helps to improve our customer response times through innovative threat intelligence. Our clients are able to focus on what’s important to them rather than wading through thousands of low value alerts and messages.” – Chris Nichols, CISO – Lucidia IT

PathForward IT

Founded in 2002, PathForward IT stands out from other MSPs for its national footprint spanning 30+ states and its highly responsive business model. Originally designed to serve the healthcare industry, our services ensure high-caliber, tailored solutions, personalized service, rigorous security knowledge, and technical expertise that helps companies operate more efficiently, scale more effectively, and adapt to change more quickly.

As partners, Path Forward and Blumira ensure IT reliability is paired with an easy-to-use security operations platform that enables teams of all sizes to detect, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats, such as ransomware.

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ThreatGEN is an industrial cybersecurity and services firm with an innovative and modernized approach to solving the industrial cybersecurity skills gap.

ThreatGen and Blumira deliver a full-stack OT cybersecurity monitoring solution to help define and monitor your cybersecurity posture, as well as bridge the gap between IT (information tech) and OT (operational tech) environments.

ThreatGEN® Red vs. Blue is a revolutionary new way to conduct Cybersecurity Training, Cyber-Physical Threat Response Training, Tabletop Exercises, and Team Events, using gamification.

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Cerium Networks

Cerium is a recognized innovator and leading provider of a full suite of unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), contact center and customer experience management, network infrastructure, and security solutions that power mission-critical systems across the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain States.

As partners, Cerium and Blumira provide complete network and IT communication solutions paired with automated cybersecurity detection and response that helps organizations of all sizes strengthen their security posture to minimize the risks and consequences of cyberattacks.

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Ignite Security

Ignite Security

At Ignite Security Services Group, our people-first approach enables teams and organizations to focus on the work that matters most, securely and seamlessly. Our team at Ignite Security focuses on building cyber resilience so you can respond effectively before, during, and after a cyber security incident. We believe that companies require a trusted partner who can develop a good understanding of their business objectives and processes, and show them how existing and advanced security technologies can be implemented to achieve their goals.

Our customers now have access to Blumira’s automated detection and response service, helping them to streamline security operations and support their small teams in easily handling incidents. Blumira’s cloud SIEM deployment methodology significantly cuts our onboarding effort down to hours, not days or months, for our clients. Within our Ignite Analytics offering, we support a broad integration matrix of security technologies to defend against cybersecurity threats. Our partnerships enhance our capabilities to analyze, prioritize and identify actions more effectively. Together, we increase visibility, enable proactive automated detection, and provide efficient response mechanisms to help organizations with their Cyber Resilience journey.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Blumira and the value that will add to our customers in empowering their teams, and keeping their systems simple.” – Kevin Critch, Director of Security Solutions at Ignite Security

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Team Trinet

Founded in 2000, Team Trinet’s network architects, engineers, and technicians are certified from major vendors and experienced in the needs of your business. Team Trinet prides themselves on a no-nonsense, jargon and acronym free approach to supporting your technology goals. From our operations center in Ferndale, Mich., we are able to monitor and troubleshoot our clients on a worldwide scale.

“We are super excited to enter into this partnership with Blumira. Our customers were demanding visibility into their internal and external systems and Blumira was literally the only vendor to check every box from ease of installation, support, actual technical delivery, and cost. We are all in with them as our security monitoring vendor and couldn’t be more pleased.” –
Bob Waltenspiel, President and CEO

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Our Customers

“We want a partner in our security system, not just a service … somebody that we can rely on for any security issues. Blumira is our trusted advisor.” – Dan Kontak, IT Director, National Machinery


“Other tools are noisy; we don’t have time to dig through layers and layers of data. Blumira does a good job summarizing detections and giving us advice on how to remediate.” – Steve Gatton, VP of IT, Fechheimer

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Blumira: The Customer’s Choice

We’re proud to say we’re the user’s choice on the software technology review site, G2, when compared to other major SIEM providers such as Splunk, IBM, LogRhythm, Sumo Logic, AlienVault (from AT&T Cybersecurity), Graylog, Datadog and many others.

Ranked by real customer reviews, we earned 20 top placements, including:

  • High Performer in Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Incident Response, Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDPS) and System Security categories
  • Best Results for Summer 2021
  • Best Estimated ROI for SIEM, System Security
  • Users Most Likely to Recommend for SIEM, System Security
  • Easiest To Use for Summer 2021
  • Fastest Implementation for Summer 2021
  • Best Support & Easiest to Do Business With for Summer 2021

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