Blumira XDR Platform

Built for SMBs, Blumira XDR platform combines SIEM, endpoint visibility & automated response to help you protect against ransomware and breaches. Now Available: Free 30-Day Trial of XDR Platform! Sign up for free & activate on your own.

Consolidate security tools into one platform

Integrate broadly for complete visibility

Use automation to speed up detection and response

Relied On By Resource-Strapped IT Teams Of All Sizes

Accelerate Time to Security

Easy, Effective XDR Platform

Traditional security tools are too complex, costly and inefficient. Blumira makes security easy and effective for SMBs.

Open Platform

Coverage for hybrid environments

Automated Response

Contain or block threats immediately

Managed Detections

We do the heavy lifting for you

24/7 SecOps

Support for critical issues

Try XDR Free For 30 Days

Explore all of the features in Blumira’s SIEM + XDR platform trial to experience:
Unlimited, easy-to-setup cloud integrations
Endpoint visibility and response for Windows, Mac & Linux
Pre-built detections identify advanced threats early, alerting you in minutes
Automated response to contain threats immediately through device isolation
Access to all global reports & Investigate Executive Summaries, including compliance (ISO, NIST)
Limited Blumira security operations support (upgrade for 24/7 SecOps support)
30 days of data retention (upgrade for 1 year)

Start With Cloud SIEM

Free up your team’s time with Blumira’s cloud SIEM, with detection rules managed by our security engineers. Playbooks come with every finding to walk your team through fast, guided threat response.

One year of data retention to meet compliance

Easy integration setup in minutes with Cloud Connectors

Detections managed by our team, tuned to filter noisy alerts

Reporting insights and visualizations for compliance and security investigations

Layer in Endpoint Visibility

Deploy Blumira Agent, a lightweight endpoint agent in minutes to get security insight into Windows endpoints located anywhere – no additional infrastructure required.

Extended coverage for Windows endpoints located anywhere

Fast, easy to deploy in minutes – no infrastructure required

Lightweight, minimal impact to your environment

Add Automated Response

Block threats immediately -- isolate an endpoint whenever a critical threat is identified, and automatically block any traffic originating from known malicious sources.

Blumira Agent automatically isolates an endpoint from your network when a critical threat is identified

Automatically block traffic from known malicious IP addresses with Automated Blocking (for Dynamic Blocklists)

Automated playbooks instruct your team on how to respond to threats

Customers Love Blumira

Solving real customers problems with one easy-to-use solution.

"SIEMs like Splunk and Lumio all look so expensive and like so much work on a small team. Blumira was effective, but not complicated; a great approach and value proposition."

Jason Waits

CISO, Inductive Automation

"I finished setting up Blumira, and one word: WOW! I like the simplicity of your product, the suspect indicator [Finding], and how clean and easy the analysis is."

Amitaf Dasilva

Principal, Compunet Consulting LLC

"One thing we were concerned about with SIEMs is getting the rules set up so we’re not getting inundated with alerts. Blumira is a great solution because you take care of a lot of that for us."

Matt Varblow

VP of Engineering Services, AdvantageCS