Automated Threat Detection

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Pre-Tuned Detections

Focused on Key Findings

When you get flooded with false positive alerts, it’s hard to know what to focus on. Blumira detects patterns of real threat behavior, using the latest threat intel to develop, test and tune new rules to reduce noisy alerts. That means you may receive less notifications than you’re used to – but more meaningful findings that guide you through faster response for better security outcomes.

Blumira’s platform categorizes threats by priority levels so you know what to respond to immediately. We also alert you to any operational disruptions and misconfigurations.

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Blumira has security experts who treat your business like it's their business.

John Peeke


Manage Your Own Rules

Detection Rule Insights

See which rules are activated automatically and applied to your account, and easily customize them to fit your organization’s needs. On Blumira’s Detection Rules page,  you can browse all available rules and toggle them on and off – available for all paid editions. 

With Advanced edition, you can create detection filters to further fine-tune your rules and prevent triggering alerts based on your organization’s known safe, normal or expected activity. Reduce the noise of false positive alerts for your small team so they can save time and focus on what’s really important to your organization.

With Blumira’s Free SIEM, you get pre-tuned detection rules to analyze your Microsoft 365 or other cloud logs for anomalous activity – sign up for free to set up a cloud SIEM with automated detection and response in minutes.

Blumira provides expertise in understanding alerts, with additional context and viewpoints. With a limited staff, it’s important that someone has my back – Blumira’s team has a real commitment to its customers.

Kevin Hayes

CISO, Merit Network

Faster Time to Security Value

Automatically Parse Logs

Each system you monitor uses different data formats – for any SIEM to effectively link log records, it must first parse (extract relevant data) from raw logs. Typical SIEMs require a lot of work from your team to develop and maintain parsers.

Blumira’s platform does all the heavy lifting for you to maintain and update parsers for all third-party integrations and data sources, making it easy and simple to set up the cloud-delivered solution in your environment and automatically start seeing security value.

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Automated Evidence Gathering

Correlated Data For Investigation

Once you receive a finding from Blumira, you can get all of the necessary information for next steps or further investigation – from associated users, source IP addresses, domain names, timestamps and more.

With our automatically stacked matched evidence, populated with every prioritized finding, you can significantly reduce the time spent gathering relevant data from different systems and tools.

We get at least 100 messages a day from our antimalware software. It’s not possible to deal with it and get your job done. Now, we just ship the logs right to Blumira. They correlate that data with logs from our other devices and outside threat intelligence to analyze the threat levels and advise us on proper responses.

Dan Kontak

IT Director


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Automated Threat Detection

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