Blumira Agent: Endpoint Visibility

Identify and prioritize endpoint risks, reduce your attack surface and prevent data loss with Blumira Agent.

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Comprehensive Endpoint Visibility

Detect & Respond to Endpoint Threats

Proactively detect and respond to endpoint security threats with Blumira Agent:

  • Security coverage for work-from-home employees using Windows, Mac & Linux devices
  • Broader visibility into remote endpoint risks; detect and quickly remediate threats
  • Ability to isolate compromised devices to contain the spread of ransomware
  • Frictionless installation in minutes requires no sensor or on-prem infrastructure
  • Data reports and visualizations to provide important security insights

You can also easily satisfy compliance and cyber insurance requirements for endpoint security with Blumira Agent.

Note: Blumira Agent is avilable on SIEM+ and XDR platform editions.

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Immediately Contain a Threat

Automated Response

When you’re short on time, you need to take action quickly to protect your network and organization from a compromise.

  • Manual isolation – Blumira Agent allows administrators to isolate any device with the click of a button to prevent the spread of malware or attacker lateral movement.
  • Automated isolation – When Blumira Agent detects a P1 or P2 threat, you can set it to immediately isolate any associated device – no human intervention required.

Your team can easily manage all of your devices, including adding, deleting, isolating or de-isolating them from our convenient device portal.

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Install Lightweight Agent in Minutes

Fast, Easy Agent Installation

Setting up Blumira Agent is quick and painless, using an installation key and Blumira-provided script that you can copy and paste into the Blumira app.

It takes only minutes to install (with no sensor or on-prem infrastructure required) and verify it’s sending logs to the platform for detection and response.

Blumira Agent is cloud-based and extremely lightweight, resulting in minimal impact to your network for greater security coverage. Blumira Agent works well with other agents and processes running on your systems.

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Secure Remote Workforce

Windows, Mac & Linux Security

Once installed, Blumira Agent paired with Blumira’s platform gives you automatic insights into your Windows, Mac & Linux security:

  • Detect threats your other tools may miss, notifying you in under a minute of initial detection
  • Respond faster using our step-by-step playbooks written by security experts
  • Search pre-built reports, ideal for investigation and audits

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See the Platform in Action

Get a Free SIEM

Traditional SIEMs can take months to get fully operational. That’s why we designed our platform for any IT team to get out-of-the-box detection and response with Blumira’s cloud SIEM in just minutes.

With Blumira’s Free SIEM, you get:

  • Choose up to 3 cloud integrations — Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Duo Security, SentinelOne, Cisco Umbrella, Webroot, Mimecast, Sophos, JumpCloud and/or OneLogin
  • Unlimited users and data; easy API integration setup with Cloud Connectors
  • Managed detections automatically deployed and tuned for noise
  • Summary dashboard of key findings and security reports
  • Playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps

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"SIEMs have been unreachable for small or medium-sized companies for far too long and we are glad to say that with Blumira that's not the case anymore."

David S.



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Monitor the security of Windows devices from remote locations with Blumira Agent: easy-to-use endpoint visibility designed for SMBs.