A Cloud SIEM Tool That Uses Automation to Save Resources, Time, and Money

Meet cyber insurance and compliance requirements, save time on security tasks, focus on real threats and protect against a breach faster than ever with Blumira.

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Switch to a Smarter SIEM

SMBs Struggle With Traditional SIEMs

  • Too Complex – Security solutions today are built for large enterprises with big budgets and big teams with advanced security expertise
  • Not Enough Resources – Traditional SIEMs require additional infrastructure, security skills, and months to get operational. Teams are stretched too thin between IT and security tasks
  • Too Little Time – Combing through countless alerts to find real threats delays critical response time; threats go unnoticed, resulting in breaches

Save IT Time & Resources

We Do All the Heavy Lifting

It’s hard enough juggling IT and security tasks for an entire organization. Ease your team’s burdens with Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform. We do all the heavy lifting for your team to save them time, including parsing, creating native third-party integrations, and testing and tuning detection rules to reduce noisy alerts. Our Security Operations (SecOps) team is also available for additional support for urgent priority issues.


Blumira does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events. That allows us to focus on revenue-enhancing activities.

Michael Cross CIO


Fast Deployment & Detection

Rapid Time to Security

Our unique approach to detections notifies you of threats other security tools may miss, sending you real-time alerts in under a minute of initial detection to help you respond to threats faster than ever. Our platform sends high-priority, critical findings tuned by our security engineers to save your team the time of combing through alerts.

Deploy our cloud SIEM with the team you have today, over 5x faster than the average SIEM provider. Our 50+ integrations provide coverage for your hybrid on-prem and cloud environment, and our Technical Account Management team assists you with onboarding as needed to ensure your security success.

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What I really appreciated about Blumira was how simple it was to deploy – we were up and running in under an hour.

Kevin Hayes CISO


All-in-One SIEM + Detection & Response

Consolidate Your Security Spend

Get the most out of your existing investments with Blumira’s all-in-one SIEM that combines logging with automated detection and response to give you more value for your spend, while reducing overhead required to maintain it. Spend less on disparate solutions that drain your team’s time.

Blumira is designed to prioritize and alert you to real threats, while providing integrated workflows for next steps to respond faster than ever.


Knowing that I have something I can look at that can correlate everything is a real time-saver. I'm able to sleep at night knowing that all of our logs are centralized. Blumira’s dashboards provide accurate and high-fidelity actionable alerts.

John Hwee Director of IT


Detect Cloud Threats Quickly

Free Microsoft 365 Cloud Security

Traditional SIEMs can take months to get fully operational. That’s why we designed our platform for any IT team to get out-of-the-box detection and response with Blumira’s cloud SIEM in just minutes. 

With Blumira’s Free edition, you get:

  • Security coverage for unlimited users and data for Microsoft 365 monitoring
  • Easy, agentless integration setup with Cloud Connectors
  • Detections automatically rolled out to your account, fine-tuned to filter out noisy alerts
  • Summary dashboard of key findings and security reports
  • Playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps

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SIEMs have been unreachable for small or medium-sized companies for far too long and we are glad to say that with Blumira that's not the case anymore.

David S. CISO


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