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It’s Time to Break Up With Your SIEM

Typical SIEM Challenges

  • Too Many Alerts – Without proper tuning by security analysts, SIEMS can generate over 10,000 alerts daily. Inundating your small teams with false-positives can result in a failure to address real security incidents.
  • Failed SIEM Deployment – Many SIEMs take months to years to fully deploy due to complexity; with hardware, software and management costs that make it prohibitive for companies with small teams and limited resources.
  • No Real Security Value – With log collection, you need correlation and threat hunting for proper threat analysis. With a typical SIEM, you end up buying additional costly software, like SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) solutions to fill in security gaps.

Blumira does the heavy lifting to pare down the overwhelming amount of data from logs into actionable events. That allows us to focus on revenue-enhancing activities.

Michael Cross CIO


Integrate With Your Environment

Support Existing Stack

Protect your existing investments by collecting and streaming logs from all systems into Blumira’s centralized platform. We automatically parse your different data and log types, a process that can take longer with typical SIEMs to set up, and often falls to the customer’s responsibility. 

Our platform also scales to support any size of log volume, without additional cost to you. 

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We needed a security partner that could support our global operations, which means managing firewalls in other countries.

Dan Kontak IT Director


Cloud Security Setup in Minutes

Easy to Deploy

Setting up Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform is easy for teams of any size or level of security expertise. Connect your existing technology to our service to start collecting and centralizing logs in minutes using Cloud Connectors and a sensor for on-prem.

We also make it easy to set up a honeypot to start detecting unauthorized access or lateral movement from inside or outside threats (available in our Advanced edition).

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What I really appreciated about Blumira was how simple it was to deploy – we were up and running in under an hour.

Kevin Hayes CISO


Automated Detection & Response

Actionable Alerts

Tired of too many false-positive alerts? Blumira’s platform compares data across your different systems to prioritize only the most important findings and alert your team to potential threats. Take action on these alerts with integrated workflows that provide next steps for incident response, no security team required.

We make security management easier by providing multi-tenancy for multiple customers, and role-based administration to limit permissions for different users.


We get at least 100 messages a day from our antimalware software. It’s not possible to deal with it and get your job done. Now, we just ship the logs right to Blumira. They correlate that data with logs from our other devices and outside threat intelligence to analyze the threat levels and advise us on proper responses.

Dan Kontak IT Director


Detect Cloud Threats Quickly

Free Microsoft 365 Cloud Security

Traditional SIEMs can take months to get fully operational. That’s why we designed our platform for any IT team to get out-of-the-box detection and response with Blumira’s cloud SIEM in just minutes. 

With Blumira’s Free edition, you get:

  • Security coverage for unlimited users and data for Microsoft 365
  • Easy, agentless integration setup with Cloud Connectors
  • Detections automatically rolled out to your account, fine-tuned to filter out noisy alerts
  • Summary dashboard of key findings and security reports
  • Playbooks with each finding to guide you through response steps

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SIEMs have been unreachable for small or medium-sized companies for far too long and we are glad to say that with Blumira that's not the case anymore.

David S CISO



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