Virtual Honeypots

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Blumira Honeypots

What is a Honeypot?

Honeypots are a great security tool used to gain visibility into active threats or curious insiders that could introduce risk to an environment. A honeypot lures attackers with a network device that appears to contain valuable data. Once an attacker tries to log in, scan the device, or attempts to access a file on the device – the honeypot will notify your team.


Easily Set Up a Honeypot

Detect Attacker Lateral Movement

Detect unauthorized access and attacker lateral movement across your environment with Blumira honeypots. With Blumira, you can easily deploy virtual honeypots with the click of a button.

Honeypots are a deception technology that allow you to easily increase your security maturity and detect attacks early – all with low maintenance and overhead.


There's a level of skillset we needed to properly manage and secure our environment that we couldn't fill with our internal team - good security engineers are very expensive.

Michael Cross Chief Information Officer, Greenleaf Hospitality


Respond to Honeypot Detections

Automatically Block and Contain Threats

Once Blumira has detected a honeypot security event, we provide step-by-step response workflows. For example, in the case of an unauthorized access attempt, we provide you the option to block the source IP at the switch or firewall level and then next steps for further remediation.


Configure a Honeypot

Where Do I Put a Honeypot?

By placing virtual honeypots at various locations around your environment – such as your workstation and server subnets – you can quickly determine if a threat is poking at hosts to find new avenues for access. See how easy it is to set up a honeypot with Blumira.


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