Blumira Security Playbooks: Incident Response Guides

Detect threats 5X faster with Blumira’s advanced threat detection and response.

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Respond Quickly to Threats

Extend Your Security Team

You’re running lean with a small security or IT team – prioritizing, investigating, triaging and responding to every security alert can leave you running around putting out fires all day.

Plus, you might lack the security expertise it takes to respond effectively to potential threats, putting your organization at risk of falling behind.

With Blumira, you can both automate your operations and have access to our security analyst team’s expertise.

Making Security Accessible

Your Trusted Security Advisors

Blumira’s security team proactively hunts threats on your behalf; tuning detection rules for noise, and building them into the platform quickly as new threats emerge. If some findings may leave you puzzled or in need of more information to investigate – we’re always here to help! Reach out to Blumira’s security operations team for more support (available for all paid editions).

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The people behind Blumira make it really valuable for us. It feels more like a partnership vs. just a customer-vendor relationship.

Steve Gatton

VP of IT, Fechheimer

Actionable Next Steps

Pre-Built Workflows

To streamline the threat detection and response process, Blumira’s security team has designed pre-defined procedures that guide your team through remediation and response – no need for security expertise. They make it simple for you to take action right away with one click.

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With Blumira, we get the benefit of having highly trained security experts and their technology constantly evaluating the security posture of our organization as well as responding to detected threats. Their dedication to our security makes it feel like they are a part of our team.

John P.


Immediately Contain Threats

Dynamic Blocklists

Respond automatically to attacks to save your team time and effort, without needing a lot of security expertise. By checking a box, you can block malicious IPs and domains for your organization, delivered through Blumira’s dynamic blocklists. It’s easy for IT teams to immediately block threats and limit the impact of an attack.

Dynamic blocklists are available only for Blumira’s Advanced edition – see plans & pricing to learn more.

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We don't have to spend time reviewing logs or looking for threats. Blumira allows our helpdesk folks to be effective security responders. The data behind the findings is there for review, but the system streamlines what is presented so we can address the threat quickly.

David H.



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With Blumira’s playbooks, responding and remediating risks in your environment is easier than ever, and doesn’t require security expertise.