Beyond Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Blumira is better than a SIEM system. We raise the bar for cybersecurity beyond what traditional SIEM products can deliver. Learn about Blumira today.

How is Blumira Better than SIEM?

The Blumira platform doesn’t require a SOC and all of the associated costs for threat detection. 

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Blumira’s average annual Total Cost of Ownership and operation is up to 80% lower than traditional SIEM systems.

Traditional SIEMs start at $150,000 annually and to be effective require funding a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) with expert security researchers and analysts, who cost an additional $107,816 annually per worker, on average (Indeed).

Blumira is designed to leverage your existing team, without having to add dedicated security experts to the task. The value of Blumira is realized sooner than it is with traditional SIEM security tools, and Blumira’s simple pricing model allows you to avoid budget surprises.

Real-Time Detection & Disruption

Unlike standard SIEM platforms, Blumira efficiently collects and analyzes millions of data points, quickly identifying critical security issues in real time and defining actionable steps to stop threats.

Our solution provides ongoing detection and automates your workflow to facilitate fast disruption, which effectively limits damage. Compare this to other systems that merely focus on log management, producing extraneous data that buries threats and leaves you vulnerable to hacks.

And thanks to Blumira, you can wave goodbye to alerts that have little to no prioritization or actionable next steps. Advanced threat detection and response is now easier than ever.

In-Tune With Security Trends

At Blumira, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continuously stay on top of security trends and adapt our solution to changes in the cybersecurity landscape.

We are constantly tuned in to the latest security and technology news to maintain our platform’s cutting-edge detection capabilities. What’s more, we’ll share this information with your team in our easy user dashboard.

Built with Years of Expertise

Blumira’s team has brought together decades of both cybersecurity and software expertise to create a proprietary cyber threat detection and response platform that goes beyond traditional SIEM standards.

Automation and efficiency are built in to save our customers from wasting internal resources and to facilitate a quicker response to threats.

Setup is Efficient & Quick

Our platform is tailored to the needs of mid-market and larger businesses with limited IT security resources by eliminating the need to add expensive internal cybersecurity workers, complex implementation, and training processes.

This means our clients typically have our system up and running in a few days rather than the months that many SIEM systems require.


Now that you understand the limitations of SIEM systems, it’s time to upgrade your security while conserving internal resources. See for yourself how Blumira offers more than your standard security solution.