Use Cases

SIEM Solutions For Cyber Insurance

Find a cyber insurance solution like Blumira to meet requirements for a SIEM, detection and response platform for easy renewal and coverage for ransomware attacks.

Microsoft 365 Security Monitoring

Simplify security by improving your Microsoft 365 cloud security, with detection, response and reporting into one easy-to-use platform with Blumira.

AWS Security Monitoring

Blumira’s AWS security monitoring solution can help detect and prevent threats across your organization’s AWS cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Security Monitoring

Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform natively integrates with cloud services to provide cloud security monitoring and detect potential cloud threats.

Microsoft Security

Easily detect and respond to Microsoft security risks, exploits and threats with Blumira’s cloud SIEM. Deploy in hours, without a security team.

Ransomware Prevention & Detection

Prevent and detect security threats before they result in ransomware infection with Blumira’s automated threat detection & response.