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Optimize your security operations and detect threats 5X faster with Blumira’s advanced threat detection and response.

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Security Operational Challenges

  • Limited Teams – Many organizations can’t afford to staff a SecOps team, or they’d like to focus on more strategic initiatives – not putting out fires. Current teams may also have limited security expertise, slowing response times.
  • Alert Fatigue – Organizations are hit with over 10,000 alerts a day, on average (SC Media). With an ever-growing number of system logs, how can SecOp analysts collect, parse, analyze and investigate every alert?
  • Manual Process – Most SIEMs only collect logs – fine-tuning them to provide actionable information is slow and manual, requiring teams of analysts to configure them to provide real security value.

Reduce the Noise

Actionable Alerts

Blumira integrates with your full security and technology stack, parsing large volumes of log data and automatically prioritizing alerts to make it easy for responders.

By the time alerts reach your team, we’ve made sure they’re actionable with contextual data pulled in from threat intelligence feeds and detection rules written by our security analysts that do the threat hunting for you. This saves your team the time required to investigate, analyze datasets and prioritize alerts.


Save Analyst Time

Prioritized Findings

Blumira identifies threats, categorized by the time recommended to respond, so your team knows what’s the most important:

Priority 1 – Respond immediately to critical threats
Priority 2 – Respond within next day to high-priority threats
Priority 3 – Respond within the next few business days to lower, potentially malicious alerts

Blumira’s platform also alerts security and IT teams to changes and disruptions in operational events, such as high-availability failover, CPU spikes, and license expiration.


Accelerate Time-to-Security

Faster Analysis & Response

The effects of alert fatigue result in longer response times for 78% of IT staff using a traditional SIEM (IDG).

Blumira’s cloud-delivered platform combines prioritized detections with pre-built playbooks, or security guides that give your team the steps to walk through remediation.

We give you what you need so you can quickly review all evidence in one ticket and take action. Blumira provides automated options to immediately block malicious source IPs through your firewalls, no manual work required. Learn more about Blumira’s Dynamic Block Lists.


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