Cloud Security Monitoring

Detect threats 5X faster with Blumira’s advanced threat detection and response.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Cloud Visibility & Actionable Response

The move to remote work can result in cloud security risks as you also juggle supporting legacy tech. Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform integrates with cloud services in hours to immediately start detecting potential cloud threats. Blumira enables fast, automated threat response with security playbooks for actionable remediation.

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Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Microsoft Cloud Security

Monitor your Microsoft cloud infrastructure from one centralized dashboard. Detect common Microsoft misconfigurations and threats, send prioritized alerts to reduce the noise, and enable your team to take action to remediate.

Blumira easily integrates with Microsoft Azure, Azure Active Directory, Defender for endpoints and cloud app tools to detect device malware and respond by taking action to limit its security impact on your environment.

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Secure Identity & Access

Duo, Okta & Azure AD Security Monitoring

To support a remote workforce, you need secure remote access. Blumira integrates with identity providers to monitor two-factor authentication, endpoint and single sign-on (SSO) and alert you to any potential threats.

Blumira’s cloud-based security leverages threat intelligence and behavioral analytics to detect attacker attempts to log in to your systems, including geo-impossible logins and fraudulent login attempts that could indicate the theft of usernames and passwords.

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Secure Cloud Collaboration

Office 365 & Google Suite Security Monitoring

Organizations rely on cloud collaboration tools for employee productivity, working from wherever they are. But without visibility into anomalous access attempts, external document sharing, email forwarding, etc., they can be easy targets for attackers.

Blumira integrates natively with G Suite and Office 365 to collect and parse security logs, then monitor and analyze them for potential threats. We alert you to key findings, reduce false positives and provide actionable insights.

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Detect & Protect Against Malware

Endpoint Security Monitoring

Detecting malware, unknown or blocklisted applications and potentially compromised processes running on devices within your network is key to protecting against ransomware infection, data loss or a data breach.

Blumira integrates with endpoint security providers like VMware Carbon Black and CrowdStrike to detect, alert and enable you to quickly respond to the presence of malicious executables and applications in your environment.

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