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Simplify security by improving your Microsoft 365 cloud security, with detection, response and reporting into one easy-to-use platform.

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Free Microsoft 365 Cloud Security

Traditional SIEMs can take months to get fully operational. That’s why we designed our platform for any IT team to get out-of-the-box detection and response with Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform in just minutes.

With Blumira’s Free edition, you get:

  • Security coverage for unlimited users and data for Microsoft 365
  • Easy, agentless integration setup with Cloud Connectors – see our documentation
  • Detections automatically rolled out to your account, fine-tuned to filter out noisy alerts
  • Summary dashboard of key findings and security reports
  • Playbooks with each finding to guide you through threat response

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SIEMs have been unreachable for small or medium-sized companies for far too long and we are glad to say that with Blumira that's not the case anymore.

David S. CISO


User & Access Security

Monitor Microsoft 365 Login Activity

Attackers may attempt to take over legitimate user accounts in your Microsoft 365 environment to gain initial access or move around laterally. Blumira detects:

  • Whenever multi-factor authentication (MFA) is disabled for an Azure Active Directory (AD) user
  • Anomalous access attempts or the creation or deletion of an application password
  • Anytime a user clicks on a malicious URL or is restricted from sending an email
  • Any impossible travel activity, indicating unauthorized access
  • Multiple failed user logon attempts

Common Attacker Techniques

Detect Privilege Escalation

Easily detect when Microsoft Exchange administrator privileges are elevated, which could indicate an attacker is attempting to gain additional permissions within your environment.

Blumira identifies and sends you playbooks to respond to:

  • Privilege escalation
  • Creation of forwarding & redirect rules
  • Suspicious inbox rule creation

Attackers may use inbox rules to remove or delete emails, and lengthen the amount of time before a compromise is detected.


Common Attacker Techniques

Stop Data Exfiltration

Secure your data by detecting signs an attacker or malicious insider is stealing your organization’s information – Blumira identifies:

  • When files are shared with personal email addresses
  • Mass file downloads
  • Whenever an email send limit is exceeded to protect against spam campaigns

Malware & Ransomware Indicators

Track Ransomware Activity

By detecting indicators of malware and ransomware early, Blumira helps your organization act quickly to minimize impact. Get alerted to:

  • High rate of file uploads or deletion activity that could indicate an adverse encryption process
  • Malware campaigns detected in SharePoint and OneDrive
  • Malware campaigns detected after mailbox delivery
  • Failed zero-hour auto purge when Microsoft’s email protection features are disabled

Learn more about detecting and preventing ransomware.


Suspicious Activity

Identify Unusual Microsoft 365 Activity

Blumira tracks anomalous activity in your environment:

  • Any activity from anonymous or suspicious IP addresses
  • Activity from infrequent countries or terminated users
  • Unusual external file behavior
  • Increases in phishing emails or ISPs (internet service providers) for an OAuth application
  • Suspicious email sending patterns

Reports & Summary Dashboard

Dig Deeper With Microsoft 365 Security Reports

With Blumira’s free Microsoft SIEM solution, you can gain greater insight into security trends over time with basic reporting on:

  • Disabled accounts, deleted contacts and any group changes
  • Password changes or resets, and user or device added
  • Failed user login attempts, overall login reports and logins outside of North America
  • Impossible travel activity and successful logins outside of the U.S.
  • SharePoint files previewed or accessed

And more — upgrade to any paid edition for advanced reporting features; including the ability to schedule reports to run periodically.


Upgrade to Paid Editions

Unlock Greater Security Support & Coverage

It’s easy to upgrade to a paid edition, including Microsoft 365, Cloud and Advanced for:

  • 24/7 Support – Blumira’s security operations team is available to help with urgent priority issues, onboarding and guided response
  • Expanded Coverage – Gain broader visibility across your entire environment with additional cloud and on-premises third-party integrations
  • Automated Response – Block threats immediately through Blumira’s platform with dynamic blocklists to reduce manual remediation
  • Extended Data Retention – Get 30 days to one year of on-demand access to log data, ideal for compliance and cybersecurity insurance

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