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Microsoft Security Challenges

  • Lack of Security Visibility – Default built-in Windows Server logging does not always provide full visibility into malicious activity across code behavior and network traffic.
  • Insecure Legacy Settings – Certain Windows and Microsoft default configurations and protocols can result in broadening your attack surface, unless you know how to disable or configure them securely.
  • Logging Complexity – The way that logs flow from Microsoft products to servers on a network isn’t always clear in their documentation, making security monitoring and log collection more difficult.

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Microsoft Security Risks

Identify & Respond to Threats

Blumira’s cloud SIEM platform easily integrates with your full Microsoft stack in hours to immediately start collecting, analyzing and prioritizing alerts sent to your security or IT team about potential threats in your environment. Blumira allows you to automate threat response with security playbooks that walk you through remediation.

Setup is fast and easy for cloud integrations like Microsoft 365 using Cloud Connectors, no additional infrastructure or sensor required.

Blumira’s Microsoft Integrations:


Windows Logging & Security

How to Enable Sysmon

To increase the visibility of your environment, we recommend using System Monitor (Sysmon), an add-on for Windows logging. With Sysmon, you can detect malicious activity by tracking code behavior and network traffic. You can also create detections based on the malicious activity.

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Preconfigured Windows Policies

Logmira for Advanced Windows Logging

To address Window’s limited default logging capabilities, Blumira offers Logmira, a pre-built set of group policy configurations. Free for everyone to use, this download shares our security team’s recommendations for increased Windows log visibility for threat detection and to help you meet compliance auditing requirements.

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NXLog Configurations

Flowmira for Windows Endpoint Security

To generate data from Windows endpoints and get greater visibility into host actions, Blumira offers Flowmira, a set of customized NXlog configurations. We recommend using NXlog for Windows log collection to help easily identify security risks, policy breaches or analyze operational problems in server, operating system and application logs.

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Free Guides & Tests

Microsoft Best Security Practices

Blumira’s security team has created best security practice guides that walk you through Microsoft configurations to help your organization easily reduce their attack surface and security risk, using free add-ons or what’s already available in your existing Microsoft environment.

Microsoft Best Security Practice Guides:

Can your current SIEM or detection solution identify Windows threats? To help you better understand your risk profile, we’ve provided detection tests that you can use to identify security gaps in your tool capabilities.

Microsoft Security Detection Tests:


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