Remote Work Security

Detect threats 5X faster and support remote Windows endpoints with Blumira Agent.

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Securing Remote Windows Endpoints

Endpoint Security With Blumira Agent

Detect Windows endpoint threats early and often to prevent an incident before it results in damage or downtime. With Blumira Agent, you can extend your coverage in minutes to include your remote Windows workforce.

  • Identify remote attacker activity and prevent Windows endpoint attacks
  • Contain threats immediately with Blumira Agent host isolation to stop the spread of malware
  • Fast, easy setup with no on-prem infrastructure or sensors required

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Securing Work From Home

  • The Shift to Cloud – One-third of companies have moved 81-100% of their employees to a work from home (WFH) model (MalwareBytes). The sudden shift to the cloud has left critical gaps in security.
  • Remote Access Risks – There’s been an 85% increase in unauthorized login attempts in 2020, seen by Blumira’s honeypots. Security teams need visibility into attacks as users rely on remote access technology for work.
  • Increased Collaboration & Productivity – The shift to cloud-based tools for remote work has opened up organizations to threats like phishing, brute-force, password spraying and more.
  • Endpoint Risk – Employees are using unmanaged, personal devices to connect to work resources remotely, putting organizations at potential risk of malware, out-of-date software and vulnerabilities.

Monitor & Respond to Remote Risks

Secure Remote Access

Visibility is the first step toward security – Blumira can help you get that insight by integrating with your identity and access providers to detect and alert you on anomalous user logins or activity, including Duo Security, Okta and Microsoft Active Directory.

Blumira also integrates with VPNs, such as Cisco AnyConnect and other remote gateways to analyze incoming traffic for threats. We can also protect against geo-impossible logins in real time so you can quickly respond to potential account takeovers.


Security is a never-ending battle, as new vulnerabilities come out and new patches need to be applied. Deploying Blumira has helped open our eyes to threats that were unnoticed to the naked eye.

Kelly Cardona Network Administrator, Fechheimer


Visibility & Prioritized Alerts

Enable Collaboration & Productivity

To support a remote workforce, organizations are turning to collaboration and productivity tools. Blumira integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite to help you track and monitor user logins and activity for faster, automated detection and actionable response to an increase in remote attacks.

Enable your distributed workforce to connect seamlessly and securely by gaining visibility and alerts with Blumira.


We don't have to spend time reviewing logs or looking for threats. Blumira allows our help desk folks to be effective security responders. The data behind the findings is there for review, but the system streamlines what is presented so we can address the threat quickly.

David H. SMB


Detect & Respond to Attacker Activity

Support Cloud Migration

Blumira integrates with Microsoft Azure Event Hub to stream and centralize cloud security event logs and alerts. Blumira’s platform analyzes and correlates cloud logs to help identify indicators of attacker behavior and activity.

By prioritizing critical findings, Blumira also enables your team to respond automatically by blocking malicious sources, or by following guided security playbooks for remediation.


Blumira solves the issue of not having dedicated security staff to handle and understand the different incidents within your environment. Junior IT staff can use the solution and, in plain English, understand what is happening and what needs to be done.

Computer & Network Security Executive Mid-Market


Visibility Into Endpoint Security

Detect Endpoint Risks

Centralize visibility of your endpoint protection tools with Blumira’s platform, and quickly detect and respond to device-related risk, such as malicious code, potentially unwanted programs (PUP), spyware files and more.

Blumira integrates with endpoint security providers such as VMware Carbon Black Endpoint Protection, Carbon Black Response, Carbon Black Managed Defense, Microsoft Windows Defender, Crowdstrike Falcon Endpoint Protection and many others.


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