Cyber Insurance Solutions: SIEM, Detection & Response

Meet cyber insurance and compliance requirements, save time on security tasks, focus on real threats and protect against a breach faster than ever with Blumira.

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Solve Emerging Renewal Challenges

New Cyber Insurance Requirements

Looking for a new policy? Need to renew your cyber insurance? It may becoming more challenging due to certain trends:

  • In addition to MFA, EDR and other controls, many insurers are now requiring the use of a SIEM (security information and event management)
  • Cyber insurance rates are doubling, even tripling as attackers increasingly target SMBs and MSPs in supply chain attacks
  • More stringent security controls are required for ransomware insurance claims – the average ransomware payment cost in 2022 rose from $925,000 to $1 million, a 71% increase from 2021

So where should you start?


Fast, Easy Setup & Maintenance

SIEM For Cyber Insurance

It’s easy to check the box on your cyber insurance questionnaire for SIEM with Blumira’s easy-to-deploy platform that can be up and running in minutes, using your existing team. Our responsive support team is on standby to help with any onboarding issues.

Blumira’s cloud SIEM is designed for small IT and security teams, making it a perfect fit for MSPs as well as their small to medium business (SMB) customers. Blumira’s SecOps team does the heavy lifting for you, eliminating many of the challenges associated with traditional SIEMs and making cybersecurity accessible for teams of any size.

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Blumira is a great solution — we didn’t have to spend six months on the tool to get it set up correctly. We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.

Matt Varblow VP of Engineering Services


One Year of Log Data

Data Retention For Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurers (and many compliance regulations like PCI DSS) often require at least a year of log data history, available immediately for forensics after a security incident. Blumira provides a year of retention of your system logs, encrypted and secured to ensure the integrity of your data, which is helpful for investigation and recovery in the event of a ransomware attack. Contact us if you have additional storage requirements.


We’re required by CJIS and IRS Pub 1075 compliance to review our logs daily. Blumira has saved us time because we can’t monitor all of our logs — we would need a team of 100 to go through all of these logs manually.

Mike Morrow Technical Infrastructure Manager


Identify Anomalous Attacker Behaviors

Threat Detection For Cyber Insurance

Our unique approach to detections notifies you of threats other security tools may miss, sending you real-time alerts in under a minute of initial detection to help you respond to threats faster than ever. Reducing your time to respond is key to stopping the impact and costly damage of a ransomware attack.

Get broad coverage with our integrations for on-prem and cloud services, collecting your logs for deep visibility while identifying potential threats and providing instructions on how to respond.

Learn more about our approach to threat detection >


With our old provider, it was a big time sink trying to filter through false-positives and close out events. As far as accuracy of detections, now we're able to respond to important activities sooner, since we're not wading through unimportant things.

Bryan Allen Sr. Systems Analyst


Ransomware Insurance Requirements

Ransomware Coverage

Many cyber insurers require supplements along with typical questionnaires for ransomware coverage. These applications often ask for additional protections, such as the use of endpoint detection & response (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM), offsite and encrypted backups, business continuity or incident response plans for ransomware scenarios, etc.

With Blumira’s all-in-one SIEM with detection and response, you can easily satisfy many ransomware coverage requirements for logging, data retention and a SIEM while identifying suspicious behavior quickly, before it results in a widespread ransomware attack.

See how we help you detection and prevent ransomware >


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