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SOC Challenges

  • Lack of Visibility – Security operations centers (SOCs) struggle to get the complete picture; unable to see all devices connecting to networks and analyze every system action.
  • Slow Incident Response – The mean time to resolution of security incidents can take months to years for 40% of SOCs due to immature security programs and manual processes (Ponemon/Devo).
  • Too Many Tools – As a result, there’s too much additional cost, complexity and technology for SOC teams to manage effectively – as much as 50% of existing functionality actually goes unused (Search Security).

Automated Analysis

Contextual Alerts

Typical SOC solutions need a full staff to monitor, analyze and pull data from multiple systems for investigation – 53% of security teams are managing over 20 different security tools (ReliaQuest).

Blumira’s platform automates incident evidence-gathering, providing all of the information you need in one place to make it easy for small teams to triage and respond faster.

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A Single Pane of Glass

Deeper Security Visibility

Blumira correlates relevant data from different tools to match the profile of threats, using built-in detection rules to save your team time spent on tuning a SIEM. These rules determine if a suspect or threat exists, then prioritizes the alerts sent to your team.

Your team can also easily search and generate reports from one platform for compliance and audits.

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Respond Immediately

Actionable Playbooks

Slow response times drive up breach costs and data loss. Blumira provides playbooks built into its platform and automatic blocking through dynamic blocklists to significantly improve response times and productivity.

You get access to security expertise without needing to staff a full SOC team.

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