Why Blumira?

Traditional security tools are too complex, costly and inefficient. Blumira simplifies advanced detection and response, accelerating breach prevention and ransomware protection.

Blumira’s XDR Platform

Lean IT teams don’t have time to complete manual tasks and manage complex solutions, resulting in coverage gaps. Blumira solves these problems with one easy, effective and efficient solution.

Time Strapped?


Blumira helps you reduce your reliance on humans to complete manual security tasks, helping you save time and refocus your team’s efforts.

No 24/7 Support?


Accelerate breach prevention and ransomware protection with Blumira's automated response to immediately contain or block threats around the clock.

Too Much Complexity?


Blumira's all-in-one XDR platform simplifies workflows with hybrid coverage, satisfying more compliance and cyber insurance requirements.

Free up time & refocus energy

Blumira customers only need to spend 15 minutes a day using Blumria to investigate and respond to threats — saving them time to focus on other key business initiatives.

Automated threat hunting & managed detections simplify management

Blumira Agent is lightweight and frictionless – no additional infrastructure required

Reduce the number of missed alerts and alert fatigue with data correlation

Automatically prioritized alerts makes it easy for analysts to triage

Faster Time to Security

Automation in Blumira’s XDR platform helps improve your mean time to resolution (MTTR), resulting in better security outcomes

Reduced attacker dwell time and limited lateral movement

Contain threats like ransomware to prevent widespread damage

Team of security experts lend your IT team help when they need it most

Built-in playbooks expedite your team’s response time

Satisfy Compliance & Gain More Visibility

Data visualization, retention, logging, detection and response provides valuable security insights and helps satisfy multiple compliance and cyber insurance requirements – all in one XDR solution.

Investigate incidents, search & visualize data

Easy-to-understand Executive Summaries and dashboards

Pre-built compliance reports for common frameworks

Pre-built global reports for easy data insight

Loved by Customers and Dedicated to Security

Easy and Effective XDR Features

Blumira’s XDR platform is easy to deploy, with detection and response that works automatically – out of the box.

SIEM: Managed Detections & Response Playbooks

Free up your team’s time with Blumira’s cloud SIEM, with detection rules managed by our security engineers. Playbooks come with every finding to walk your team through fast, guided threat response.

Open XDR Protects Your Full Tech Stack

Integrate broadly with cloud, on-prem, identity, network, email, authentication and other applications to provide vendor-agnostic coverage for your full tech stack.

Satisfy Compliance With One Year of Retention

Consolidate your SIEM, endpoint visibility and SOAR (automated response) into one platform with a year of data retention to satisfy more compliance and insurance controls.

Blumira Agent For Endpoint Visibility

Deploy a lightweight endpoint agent in minutes to get security insight into Windows endpoints located anywhere – no additional infrastructure required.

Automated Response

Blumira Agent’s automatic host isolation will immediately isolate an endpoint when a critical threat is identified. Automatically block traffic from known malicious sources (dynamic blocklists).

24/7 Security Operations Team

Extend your resources by relying on Blumira’s SecOps team, available 24/7 for critical priority issues and to help with onboarding, security advice and guided response.

Customers Love Blumira

Solving real customer's problems with one easy-to-use solution.

"I feel comfortable now that we don't have unknown activity happening on our network -- with Blumira, we now have full visibility of our infrastructure."

John Hwee

Director of IT, Duraflame

"I just finished setting up Blumira, and one word: WOW! I like the simplicity of your product...I am sold on Blumira’s ease of use and capabilities."

Amitaf DaSilva

Principal, CompuNET Consulting LLC

"Being able to send logs from clients, servers, network equipment and cloud sources is very important. Knowing what is going on at all times and being alerted allows us to look into who did what, when, and find out what triggered the alert allows us to respond very quickly."

Khan H.

Network Engineer, Transportation