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We’re excited to move security forward and want you to help us!


Despite good people trying hard and investing a lot of resources, information security is broken. Existing security tools are expensive, complicated, and ineffective. The bad guys are winning.

We have a product, a vision, and a team that can turn the tide. By making good security simple and affordable, we can democratize it, helping smaller organizations that have been neglected, priced-out, or, simply—failed—by existing solutions. In helping them, we help their customers, and, overall, make the Internet a safer place for everyone whose data is on the wire.

Now, to succeed in our quest, we need help from smart and driven people, like you. You’ll be joining a small team and will oversee a big chunk of the product. This will mean responsibility, and freedom; risk, and opportunity; anxiety, and exhilaration. You’ll build a lot, learn a lot, and grow a lot as an engineer and leader. The challenge is big, but so is the reward for getting this right. Are you in?

ann arbor, mi


Blumira’s office is located in Ann Arbor, an intellectual and innovative hub that is transforming into Michigan’s next tech city. We’re excited to call a city home that embraces diversity and is  experiencing high growth.

This city already has one InfoSec Unicorn, come join the next one and grow with us! With Ann Arbor, you get awesome perks like:

  • Great food! You will give up on trying to find your favorite restaurant.
  • Amazing tech community with a ton of different focuses.
  • All of the coffee and coffee-related items.
  • A great area to live and work in for people of all backgrounds!


We’re a collaborative team of info sec experts, engineers, data analysts, business strategists, and innovators. Our decades of experience in the cybersecurity sector paired with a collectively unique entrepreneurial spirit drives us to push industry boundaries.

We want more people on our team that enjoy turning ambitious ideas  into elegant software systems that improve the working lives of our customers and their customers.

We believe that the road to success is built through shared experiences and a team working toward a single goal.

Many of our team members are experts in what they’re passionate about, while more junior members care about what they are learning and producing.  Together, this creates a culture of respect, innovation ,and effective collaboration toward our common mission.



As we are still a very small team, each new person that joins us will have a large impact on the overall culture of the group. Your energy and personality will help shape Blumira immensely.

While we are very open and flexible, some things we are adamant about are:

  • No a**holes : we have no tolerance for the “brilliant jerks” common in the tech industry.  We try hard to be helpful, humble, and kind to our teammates and customers.
  • No BS: we value honesty and integrity, and strive to practice that at all levels of the company.
  • Good communication: we strive to always communicate quickly and with clarity, positivity, and kindness.
  • High bar: we expect a lot of ourselves and each other, because the mission we are on is important and its success depends on us kicking butt every day. But, we are never critical in non-constructive ways and give each other the benefit of the doubt.
  • Balance: when we are working, we focus and work hard, but we don’t expect or encourage “heroism” where folks put in more than a normal amount of hours. Rest and stepping away from the screen are not only good for each individual, but make the team more effective in the long run.

In general, we care about our work, each other, and making our customers happy and more secure.  If this sounds like your kind of team, give us a shout!

 Employee Perks & Benefits

Blumira offers all the conveniences of a modern workspace including great benefits and frequent, fun social activities! Blumira offers:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as a company sponsored pre-tax retirement savings program
  • An ambitious and friendly team of supportive teammates
  • A chance to work on novel and exciting technical problems in the InfoSec space
  • A flexible work arrangements
  • Opportunity to have a huge impact as an early hire at a growing security startup