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Defend Against Ransomware & Meet Compliance Requirements.

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A Security Platform Built for IT Teams

Backed by a security operations team, Blumira’s platform identifies threats in under a minute to help you respond faster to prevent ransomware and breaches. Satisfy compliance needs and reduce risk with Blumira’s security log monitoring with long-term data retention included.

SIEM + Endpoint + Detection & Response

– Agent Endpoint Security: Secure remote Windows devices with easy-to-use endpoint security, shipping Windows logs to Blumira, advanced Windows log analysis detection and response, and host isolation.

– Simple, Automated Detection: Our approach is to eliminate noisy alerts by focusing on real attacker behavior patterns. Blumira’s platform sends your IT team meaningful findings they can take action on immediately.

– 3-Step Rapid Response: Automatically block known threats, get pre-build security playbooks with every finding and Blumira’s 24/7 SecOps team is available for urgent issues.

Blumira’s easy-to-use security platform provides advanced threat detection, automated threat response and playbooks for remediation.

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