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    Dive into how Blumira simplifies cybersecurity for IT teams. From setup to real-world use cases, our demo covers everything you need to start your security transformation. No preparation needed, just curiosity.

    Enhance your security capabilities with Blumira get:

    • Time saved with easy and fast cloud deployment

    • Protection against the latest threats with critical security detections

    • Budget saved on hiring staff with Blumira’s 24/7 daily log monitoring

    • Faster threat response with alerts sent in minutes of detection

    • Automated response contains endpoint threats

    • Greater visibility into early attack signs that other endpoint tools may miss

    • Easier compliance with one year of data retention

    • Extended security team with Blumira 24/7 SecOps support for critical priority issues

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    For a certain size of customer with no staff or only one security staff member, Blumira is an absolute godsend.

    Jason Waits CISO, Inductive Automotive

    15 min/day
    to manage Blumira and respond to threats
    CSAT rating for our support teams in 2024
    50 seconds
    seconds median detection time for real-time findings
    99.34 %
    reduction in alert noise