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Incident Detection Engineer Spotlight: Emily Eubanks

Incident Detection Engineer Spotlight: Emily Eubanks

Our IDE Spotlight Series highlights a team member's experience. In this edition of our IDE Spotlight Series, we’re talking to Emily Eubanks. 

Blumira Sensor Outbound Allowlist

Blumira sensors require outbound traffic to a specific subset of Google assets on the internet. Here's a file of all Google Cloud IPs and Google IPs that must be added to an allow list if performing IP-only allow-listing.

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About Blumira findings

Learn about the five different types of security findings detected by Blumira's platform - Operational, Risk, Suspect, Threat, & System Notification.

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About Blumira roles

Blumira's Cloud SIEM Role-Based administration defines granular administrative roles for new users that they add to Blumira's platform.

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