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To help organizations running Microsoft environments, Blumira has created a guide to give you practical, step-by-step Windows tips to significantly improve your visibility into malicious activity.

By configuring commonly-used tools and policy settings that are already available in your Windows environment, you can start logging indicators of a threat. You can use this information to create detections based on the log activity, or you can use a platform that has pre-built detections and playbooks on how to respond and remediate.

By streaming your Microsoft Azure and Office 365 logs to Blumira’s platform, you can also detect suspicious and threat-like behavior and alert your team in real-time for automated and faster containment.

Finally, we’ve made several open-source tools available on GitHub for Windows administrators and IT/security professionals to use in their own environment to save you time and resources required to configure settings properly for security logging and detection.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to use built-in Windows tools like System Monitor for advanced visibility into Windows server logs
  • How to configure Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to give you a deeper look into your Windows environment
  • Free, pre-configured tools from Blumira you can use to easily automate Windows logging to enhance detection & response
  • What indicators of security threats you should be able to detect for Microsoft Azure and Office 365

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