Automated Threat Response

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3-Step Rapid Response

Faster Time to Respond

In addition to automated detection and easy setup, Blumira provides 3-step rapid response to ensure your IT teams can react quickly:

  1. Guided playbooks walk IT teams through remediation for every finding to streamline workflows.
  2. Blumira’s platform uses dynamic blocklists to stop active threats without manual intervention (available for Advanced edition)
  3. Blumira’s responsive security operations team is available when you have questions or need more assistance for urgent matters – available with all paid editions.

Leverage our response plan to help stop attackers early and prevent ransomware or a data breach in progress.


We were able to deploy quickly, not get flooded with alerts, and the team is really responsive when we need more help.

Matt Varblow VP of Engineering Services, AdvantageCS


Guided Response for IT Teams

Built-in Security Playbooks

The faster you can respond, the less impact a security incident has on your organization. With Blumira’s automated security platform, now you can – without being a security expert, or staffing a full security team. 

Blumira provides playbooks for every finding that walks you through timely threat response. Our security team gives you guided next steps to take, informed by contextual information for compliance, auditing or investigation purposes.


As a security person, you need visibility and to know when the bad things happen. We now have that visibility with Blumira. We can get alerted right away and use Blumira’s playbooks to bring security issues to resolution and guide our operators through remediation.

Kevin Hayes CISO


Automated Response

Dynamic Blocklists

No need for manual intervention when malicious connections are detected – you can automatically block malicious source IPs or domains with Blumira’s Dynamic Blocklists. Blumira’s platform easily integrates with all major firewall providers to provide this feature, such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, Check Point, Sophos, F5 and more. 

Blumira customers can also use our community blocking feature to share malicious sources with other customers to inform a dynamic database of threat sources. 

Automated response is available with Blumira’s Advanced edition only – learn more about our plans & pricing.

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All-in-One Platform

Automated Threat Detection & Response

Typical SIEMs require a lot of complexity to set up, tune, analyze, investigate and respond to security events. Blumira’s platform gives your small team the tools to quickly identify and respond to threats, no need for additional SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) software or SOCs (security operations center) to manage it. 

We’ve designed our solution to integrate with your existing security stack for less manual work, faster containment and incident response times. See how easy it is by signing up free to start protecting Microsoft 365 today with Blumira’s Free edition.

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I was looking for something new and different from the Splunks and AlienVaults of the world -- a solution that focused on the user experience and security relationship.

John Hwee Director of IT, Duraflame


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