Blumira Security Reports: Incident Detection & Analysis

Quickly dig deeper into your data for all of your investigation, reporting and compliance needs. Show immediate security value with Executive Summaries.

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High-Level Executive Summary

Show Immediate Security Value

Blumira’s Executive Summaries immediately show security value to your C-level, key stakeholders, financial decision-makers and others. The easy-to-understand, colorful reports give you a high-level overview of:

  • How much money you’re saving with Blumira’s unlimited data ingestion and log storage (vs. thousands of dollars every month you would spend with other SIEM vendors)
  • The level of risk in your environment, with a view of how many and what kinds of threats Blumira has identified in your environment by analyzing your log data
  • Trends over time, with a look back at your previous 12 months of data
  • How many suspected threats were resolved, with the option to toggle this information on and off for each report

The reports are automatically generated in your Blumira application and can be sent to recipients directly on a monthly or quarterly basis. Executive Summaries is available for SIEM+ and XDR Platform editions – learn more about our editions.

Easily Access Data & Insights

Predefined, Global Reports

Gain insight into potential threat detections and network traffic in your AWS cloud infrastructure by searching via data source. Easily load saved reports at the touch of a button to search through all of your existing reports.

Blumira’s Report Builder can help with compliance requirements (like PCI DSS) that require tracking the creation of new accounts or changes to root/admin account privileges.

To be able to pay for a service and have pretty much a SOC team behind you to support you — it definitely gives me a good night’s sleep. Being able to centralize everything into one dashboard is a big benefit as well.

Ronnie Baker

IT Manager, Burcham Hills

Security Reports for Compliance Auditors

Scheduled Reports

Create and send your own scheduled security reports — useful for auditors and to prove adherence to compliance requirements. Blumira’s NIST compliance reports allow you to run pre-built reports to prove your compliance.

Choose from customizable time ranges to view data, including the previous day, 30 days, week or month. Schedule them to run periodically and send to recipients of choice to streamline your reporting workflow.

Scheduled Reports are only available for paid editions – see our plans and pricing to learn more.

With our old provider, it was a big time sink trying to filter through false-positives and close out events. As far as accuracy of detections, now we're able to respond to important activities sooner, since we're not wading through unimportant things.

Bryan Allen

Sr. Systems Analyst

Customized Search Results

Advanced Reporting

Unlock even more advanced reporting options, including powerful search filters to help you find the datasets you need. With customized columns, you can design your results by tweaking row density and applying filters to row values to help you narrow your focus to specific records.

Get to the bottom of a potential malware infection or attack in progress faster to further control the impact on your environment.

Upgrade to any paid edition to get advanced reporting – see our pricing and plans to learn more.

At-a-Glance Dashboards

Simplify Security Insights

Built for every user, see trends across your environment in our different dashboards:

  • Responder – See all security findings and respond to priority alerts.
  • Manager – See all detections, source locations and current active findings.
  • Security – Get a summary of your events, findings, users and endpoints.

These dashboards are only available for paid editions – see our plans and pricing to learn more.

Easily Access Data & Insights

Gain Insight to Cloud Security Trends

Set up basic reporting in minutes, for free for unlimited users and data ingestion with Blumira’s Free SIEM. Your summary dashboard gives you an overview of logs ingested and streaming status, threats analyzed, and all available detection rules and reports.

Get pre-built or global reports on your Microsoft 365 environment (or any 3 cloud integrations you choose – Duo, Umbrella, Webroot, Mimecast, SentinelOne) with the click of a button, including:

  • Successful logins from outside the U.S.
  • Failed Azure AD user login attempts
  • Disabled Azure AD accounts, deleted contacts, password changes/resets
  • Delegation of mailbox permissions

And more! Upgrade to access Scheduled Reports, Compliance Reports, Executive Summaries and up to one year of data retention for a longer look back at your historical data, ideal for compliance and cybersecurity insurance regulations.

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