Cover Your Assets: Performing a Successful Security Inventory

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Whoever coined the phrase ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ was probably talking about asset management. 

Without an understanding of what’s in your environment, it’s impossible to secure it. That’s why an asset inventory is a crucial first step on your security maturity journey. But the prospect of performing a security inventory can be overwhelming — so first, get some tips on how to do it right. Join Blumira’s Amanda Berlin, Lead Incident Detection Engineer, and Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer, and discover how to cover your assets. 

You’ll learn about:

  • What information to gather for a successful security inventory
  • How to create an inventory that you’ll actually want to use years down the road 
  • Lessons learned and stories from the trenches 

This interactive, conversational-style session encourages questions and engagement with viewers – so sign up today for access to our security experts.


Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer, BlumiraAmanda Berlin, Lead Incident Detection Engineer, Blumira

Based in Ohio, Amanda is a highly accomplished network defender well-regarded throughout the Midwest infosec community. She’s spent the last three years with NetWorks Group’s MDR team and Blumira, while most recently as a Sr. Incident Detection Engineer specializing in threat detection research as well as SecOps. Amanda serves as the founder and CEO of Mental Health Hackers, a nonprofit dedicated to providing education and guidance to tech workers around mental health topics. Amanda is also the co-host of the Brakeing Down Security podcast. She is the author of a Blue Team best practices book called “Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure” with Lee Brotherston through O’Reilly Media.

Nato Riley, Integrations Engineer, Blumira

Nato is dedicated to helping Blumira build the most effective and efficient SIEM on the market for small to mid-sized businesses. Prior to joining Blumira, he held roles at LogRhythm and Data Network Group. Other ventures include notiaPoint, Inc., where Nato invented the Olympiad, a toolbox that makes large scale projects and deployments for cloud development projects more secure and agile. In his spare time, Nato runs a YouTube channel, Nato as Code, where he discusses topics such as infrastructure as code and building a cybersecurity career.