Blumira’s Security Advisor: Splunk vs. Blumira


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Why are organizations switching from old SIEM providers to a more modern platform? SIEM (security information and event management) systems have long had a reputation for being overly complex, difficult-to-impossible to deploy at large scale, and too expensive for small security or IT teams.

Join Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira and Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira to get a comparison of Splunk vs. Blumira, based on real deployment experiences.

In this roundtable conversation, you’ll learn about:

  • Challenges with failed or stalled complex and time-consuming SIEM deployments
  • The lack of meaningful or actionable security insights
  • The additional, hidden costs of SIEMs
  • The time, resources and size of teams or consultants required for each step of deployment
  • How a modern SIEM + SOAR (security orchestration, automation and response) platform combines functionality to enable small teams to do more

This interactive, conversational-style session encourages questions and engagement with viewers – so sign up today for access to our security experts.


Amanda Berlin, Sr. Incident Detection Engineer at Blumira 

Based in Ohio, Amanda is a highly accomplished network defender well-regarded throughout the Midwest infosec community. She’s spent the last three years with NetWorks Group’s MDR team and Blumira, while most recently as a Sr. Incident Detection Engineer specializing in threat detection research as well as SecOps. Amanda serves as the founder and CEO of Mental Health Hackers, a nonprofit dedicated to providing education and guidance to tech workers around mental health topics. Amanda is also the co-host of the Brakeing Down Security podcast. She is the author of a Blue Team best practices book called “Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure” with Lee Brotherston through O’Reilly Media.

Patrick Garrity

Patrick Garrity, VP of Ops at Blumira

Patrick has years of experience in the security industry building and scaling usable security products. He currently leads Blumira’s product, sales and marketing teams. Prior to joining Blumira, he led sales engineering, product marketing and international expansion for Duo Security.

About Blumira’s Security Advisors Series

Blumira’s Security Advisor Series is a weekly virtual roundtable with experts in the information security and compliance industry offering insight into timely security topics. These interactive sessions encourage questions from the audience and engagement with viewers. Our mission is to bring awareness to current cybersecurity issues and provide trusted security advisors to the broader community.