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AT&T AlienVault Alternative: Why Switch to Blumira

As complexity increases and threats evolve, customers are turning to more modern solutions to solve their problems. Here’s a look at why many customers are switching from AT&T Cybersecurity’s USM (Unified Security Management) — formerly known as AlienVault —  to Blumira’s detection and response platform.

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An Attainable AlienVault Alternative

AT&T AlienVault ChallengesBlumira Value
Cumbersome to manage and taxing on IT resources to deploy
Solution can be rapidly deployed in hours with the team you have today
Increasingly expensive, with costs rising year over yearAffordable, predictable software-as-a-service subscription pricing model
Too many noisy alerts and false positives that result in alert fatigueEase of management, multi-tenancy for different clients
Manual effort by already-overburdened IT teams on detection and remediationSurface contextual threat analyses, near real-time & prioritized alerts
Lack of visibility due to IT complexity in their environmentsAutomated threat response workflows that guide IT through fast, easy remediation
Gaps in detection coverage across different platforms and vendors
Native integrations provide scalable, full coverage for on-premises & cloud security - at no additional cost
Quality of support decreased since the AT&T acquisition
Access to security reports and support from Blumira's security experts - at no additional cost


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Detect threats 5X faster with Blumira’s advanced threat detection and response.

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Secure Both Cloud & On-Premises

Broad Security Coverage

One particular customer was seeking a more modern solution that could help them fill their gaps in coverage across their entire environment with integrations for Microsoft 365, SonicWall, and Microsoft Windows Server.


Within less than two days, we were. Anything that could be vulnerable or exposed — I’ve got to find a way to get it integrated [with Blumira] so we can keep eyes on it and know what’s going on at all times.

Ronnie Baker IT Manager


Better Security ROI

Affordable, Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Ultimately, this customer decided to rip and replace their existing AlienVault solution with Blumira’s detection and response platform, which reduced their annual costs by 36%. This cost savings, combined with the ease of deployment, management, reporting, support and wide security coverage across their entire environment, drove them to switch to Blumira.


I like the predictable model. I don’t have to worry about how many endpoints I have or additional hardware required as Duraflame grows over the next few years.

John Hwee Director of IT, Duraflame


Simplified Setup

Fast and Easy Deployment

Deploying a traditional detection and response solution can take a long time and require resources that companies haven’t budgeted for. But starting a free trial with Blumira isn’t a six-month long project — it can take as little as a few hours.

In a comparison of 12 other SIEM (security and information event management) vendors on G2, Blumira was ranked 5x faster to implement to help you realize security value right away.


Blumira’s demo and free trial period gave us a lot of value and it was pretty easy to do. The total implementation process took less than 4 hours to get fully functional.

John Hwee Director of IT at Duraflame

AT&T AlienVault Alternative: Why Switch to Blumira

Blumira’s Detection & Response
AlienVault USM
Total Cost of Ownership$$$$$
Pricing Model
- Per user
- No additional or hidden costs; unlimited integrations and logs
- Per devices managed
- Additional costs for search and storage
Deployment Time- 1-4 hours
- Out-of-the-box alerts and playbooks to guide you through response
- 4 weeks to a few months
- Alert development requires professional services engagement
Employees Required- 1-2 people
- No security experience required
- 3-6 engineers and security analysts
Complexity- Low complexity
- No need for in-house staff to manage servers and application
- High complexity
- Requires training to manage
Alert Noise
- Low false positives
- Comes pre-tuned
- Moderate false positives
- Requires additional tuning
Automation- Automated detection and remediation
- Proactive blocking with dynamic blocklists
- Remediation playbooks
- Multi-cloud security monitoring
- Scheduled reports
- Limited, requires add-on
- No automated reports
Security ExpertiseAccess to Blumira’s security team for advice is includedAdditional cost, not included

Hear From Our Customers

On G2, real customers ranked Blumira as easier to use, set up, and administer; and they reported they preferred doing business with Blumira overall.


Other solutions I was looking at — like Sophos and Splunk — seemed more enterprise and I felt that we would get lost trying to deploy and support them.

Ronnie Baker
IT Manager

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Overall, Blumira is very straightforward and easy to use; much more so than our previous provider whose platform became so clunky that it was unusable.

Angela Bawcum
Interim Director of IT & InfoSec, LTU

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Duraflame Chose Blumira Over AlienVault For Affordability & Ease of Deployment

When the Duraflame IT team started researching different SIEM (security information and event management) vendors and solutions, they faced similar challenges of high costs and complex implementation and management overheads while evaluating products like AT&T AlienVault and Splunk.

“I didn’t have the budget to spend on partnering with a managed SOC (security operations center) provider. All of the solutions we looked at required a long-term commitment with a high barrier of entry,” John H. said.

Duraflame evaluated a handful of industry-leading vendors, including Blumira. Duraflame needed a cloud-based solution that could be implemented quickly and provide complete and accurate security visibility. Duraflame’s IT team and executive management were concerned with the high cost and complex and lengthy implementation time that other solutions required.

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Making the switch doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. Blumira’s detection and response platform is designed to be set up by the existing team you have today, in a matter of hours. Our security team is always accessible if you need more help, and our detailed documentation walks you through many different integration steps.

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