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    December 12, 2023

    Comparing Value: Blumira Delivered Superior SIEM Capabilities at Half the Cost

    When a ransomware attack crippled a peer organization, a small auto company went hunting for an affordable yet effective SIEM. Their priority was finding the right balance of security capabilities to detect threats early on while keeping tight budget constraints in mind.

    As their IT manager described, “Being a small company, we were looking at what we get for the value – Blumira was coming in at less than half the price of what Arctic Wolf wanted. I couldn’t justify where that extra value was coming from, with Arctic Wolf.”

    Despite the lower cost, Blumira offered extensive logging, visibility, and detections that could empower the lean IT team rather than attempt full managed remediation through an external provider. The ability to try Blumira risk-free made it easy to validate superior value.

    And the results spoke for themselves – after deploying Blumira SIEM, the company saw a vastly improved penetration test compared to past years. Alerts on suspicious activity flooded in within minutes, keeping the tester on his toes. As the pleased IT manager put it:

    “The tester was very surprised about all the alerts we were getting. I’ve been nothing but impressed with how much Blumira evolved over the past couple of years we’ve been with you.”

    By choosing Blumira over pricier competitors, this small business struck the right balance between cost and capabilities for their environment. Read more to understand why Blumira SIEM afforded the best protection per dollar spent.

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